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Turn Heimskr into a Girl, with Full Voice!

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Thanks You MXR


This mod will transform Heimskr into a beautiful young woman. She is custom voiced, and now she preaches about gender equality instead.This mod is based on YuiH’s Emily follower, but instead of adding a new follower, it changes the appearance of Heimskr to be that of Emily’s.  She can be found in Whiterun preaching, but might also be in the Whiterun jail or barracks depending on your progress through the main quest.

There are CBBE, UNP, SevenBase, and CHSBHC Editions

There is also an option file, called "Monk edition". This will make her non-essential and also give her monk robes to look more like heimskr (See pictures)

Additional, there are now two optional update files that both try to improve the audio and increase the volume by approximately 3.5 and 7.5 decibels.

Credits & Thanks to YuiH for the amazing Emily follower mod
YuiH Standalone Follower - Emily by YuiH :

Thanks to Skylaskyrim for the video!



My female Heimskr does not look like yours?

She will use whichever vanilla replacer mods you have installed for armor. But her hair and body / face parts should be completely self contained. If you have issues try using the resurrect command on her by hitting the ~ button, select Hiemskr with the mouse, and type “resurrect”

Female Heimskr is not wearing new clothes, or something similar?

This means hymskrs  new inventory has not been loaded by yoursave yet. Try going to an interior cell and waiting in game for 3 days.
Alternatively, using the resurrect console command on hymskr would likely fix this. Additionally, other mods that alter heimskr’s inventory could cause this, and adjusting the load order should fix an incompatibility. In this case, Femaleheimskr.esp should be loaded last

 Heimskr is replaced but not preaching?
If this happens it is because yoursave is having trouble loading the altered dialogue package. Try deactivating the mod, then saving in front of heimskr while he is preaching, then re-activate the mod

Heimskyr is not using new dialogue,or I see text but no voice?

This is a sign of not correctly installing the audio files, but could also be a symptom of a conflict with a mod that significantly alters the dialogue of the Whiterun inhabitants. This might be affected by load order, again, Femaleheimskr.esp should be loaded last. Alternatively, if the conflicting mod alters the quest fragment file for Whiterun dialogue, a patch would need to be developed