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Modified Solitude Banner Models in order to make them animated

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What is it about:
These are modified Solitude banners nif files in order to make them animated.

Modified files:

In v2.0, ../Data\Meshes\architecture\solitude\clutter\ sbannertall01.nif has been added

The resource can either be used as loose files, or installed manually by copying the Data folder in your Skyrim folder, or installed with the NMM.

Remove the above files

When installed directly, you may noticed some clipping between the banners and the walls during the animation. This is due to the fact that the original banners were placed close to the wall by considering a static model.

V2.0 : In order to reduce the clipping issue, the "long" and "tall" banners versions have slightly be displaced in the nif. (the "mid" banners has been kept in its original position because it has been detected few placement with 180deg rotation).

If you do not like this clipping issue and want to use the nifs in the game, you will needed to create an plugins to move the banners positions.

Note also that since there is no esp, the objects are still declared as "Static" and not as "MovableStatic". Nevertheless, they are animated in game when loaded.

Do what you want with this resource, but if used in other mod, mention to this work will be appreciated.

Thanks & Credits:
Bethesda for the nice Elder Scrolls series
The Blender and Niftool Teams
The Nexus community

My other mods/contributions:
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