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Epic little tower in a pocket dimension. Merchant, teleport spell, witch hat, disenchanting font, incredibly beautiful new world space.

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This mod is my attempt at building a necromancer/summoner themed player house without it being full of dead bodies and gore.
It includes a Dremora merchant, a player house, a plantable garden and a witch hat.

Tirashan is a bubble world space, your very own small pocket realm of Oblivion. 


- Skyrim.esm
- Update.esm
- Dawnguard.esm
- Hearthfires.esm
- Dragonborn.esm

:: Accessing the world ::

I set a portal in the Reach so you can get to the worldspace. There is a map marker that is visible, but you have to discover it to use it for fast-travel. 
Rhake sells a special teleport spell for the worldspace. It will teleport you inside the house (Mistrest) and when recast,
take you back where you were. The teleport only works on the PC, but you can take your followers through to Tirashan using the portal.
But if you just need to quickly access home, you can use the spell.

:: The House ::

Mistrest is the name of the house, it includes all work stations (smithing is outside by the "central hub") like alchemy and cooking, and a miniature HF cooking oven. 

In the bedroom there is a button where you can switch between male and female armour wardrobe, depending on your PC's sex.

It also includes a ton of unique item display and some empty shelf space where you can place whatever treasures you want to display.
I recommend using Jaxonz Positioner for displaying your lootz.

The house has two cats. If you don't like them, you can disable them with the console (click cat and write "disable").
If you want to rename them,use Jaxonz Renamer mod.

House also comes equipped with a disenchanting font which will reset PLAYER CREATED items so you can re-improve and enchant them.

:: The Merchant ::

Rhake is a Dremora merchant similar to the one you can summon with the Dragonborn DLC special power from a Black Book, except you cannot summon him. He hangs around his booth all day eerrday so you can easily unload all your junk at him when you are visiting home between your various adventures.
He has a lot of coin on him.

:: The Hat ::

I added a witch hat to the game, you can either craft an unenchanted version at the tanning rack, 
or buy a super expensive enchanted one from Rhake. It boosts all schools of magic and work with all races and genders.

:: FAQ ::

Q: It's dark!?
A: Yes! It's meant to be!

Q: It's a copy of Pelagius' mind!?
A: I've always wanted to make a house in a worldspace like it! So yeah, it's a pimped up Pelagius' Mind.

Q: I ventured deep into the "forest" and found a floating tree/boulder/else!
A: That's grape. Tell me where and get me a screenshot and I'll maybe fix it later. (haha, who am I kidding. I won't fix it, I'll be too busy playing Fallout 4)


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Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.

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