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This preset aims at providing immersive nights. Where you can see enough to fight nearby enemies with no issues but cannot really tell who is across the stream or bridge.... based on Realvision ENB

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Let the dark embrace me, so that I may kiss its sweet ecstasy
It seduces me with its gentle caress, and as I lay back in its arms it steals from me my last breath

An ENB brought to you by the Sands of Time team.

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     This modded enbseries.ini is for ENB users who want immersive, realistic dark nights that simulates real life surface night time lighting as much as possible.  Nearby objects are fairly plainly visible, and combat with npcs in front of you is fine.  However, if the night is cloudy or the moonlight is limited where you are you will not be able to make out enemies accross a typical bridge, mixed with trees, shrubs, etc.  Archers will be tougher to deal with.

I did this for myself, and took weeks of experimenting to find the "perfect" mix.  I thought I woud spare other like minded gamers the time and frustration of re-inventing the wheel.

Sample Screenshots, though keep in mind they are somewhat brighter in game, more in Pictures Area:


     In order to achieve the best effect as shown above, the following mods are recommended since this was created wtih them in place.

1) Realvision ENB by SkyrimTuner - this is a modifed enbseries.ini based on his work.

2) Enhanced Lights and Effects by anamorfus

    --  ELFX Enhancer  (be sure to use the addon ELFX Enhancer as well.)

3) Climates of Tamriel by jjc71

    --  Nights-Level-6 option ATTENTION!  THIS IS A MUST!

4) Immersive detection of NPC by Veronshu
    This makes it all fair, otherwise the enemies npc can see you perfectly as if they had night vision.

5) Lastly you will need my replacement enbseries.ini file (in the "downloads" section) that took so many days to get just right.

NOTICE:  Please also endorse the above mods to support those wonderful authors; we are incredibly grateful to them.

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