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A small but stylish transformation of the Half-Moon Mill, with Inn and Player Home!

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Half-Moon Mill
~A Fantasy Addition~

Remember when I said I might be done with modding for a bit? I lied.

Half-Moon Mill was a tiny location with a wonderful lakeside view, and technically in a strategically important location in Falkreath Hold now that Helgen bit the dust. I did not turn it into a fort town, but rather a passerby's trading town. People would come from Falkreath to Rorikstead, trading foods and lumber, or rather will now. It uses unique static meshes, such as snow-free Windhelm buildings, and blending them with Markarth and Whiterun architecture to make for something small but spectacular.

Thank you Hodilton for a wonderful new video!

And thank you Pixelgamer!

The new town comes with:

- An Inn, the Crescent Stage and Tap, where you can get your drinks and live entertainment from a uniquely lit performance stage, crafted by magicka from the Inn's owners, who barter just about everything that passes through. The Innkeeper will rent out the tap's only guest bedroom to you, and her husband (normally sulking in his room) will buy and sell properly leveled spells and magic items. The inn itself I tried to model after the Milk Bar from one of my favorite games, TLOZ: Majora's Mask. 
- A new home, Secunda Cabin, for the town's sellsword, Herzog. Alternatively, you can use this cabin to house your followers with any number of mods on the Nexus that'll allow you to do so!
- Outside, crafting stations are here and there, with some of the missing amenities added in the shed by the mill, which has been expanded into being the lake's lighthouse! Certain ambience mods like SoS are compatible with the relatively unchanged location. The Inn has a lovely deck with a fisherman overlooking the lake, which moves around to the large iron ore vein left there originally.
- A new Player Home, Masser Manor, who's previous tennant has been captured by Vampires and holds the key to the house. The accompanying dungeon, who's entrance is by the outdoor bench by the smaller cabin, is small but stylish, and can be challenging to lvl15 characters. The home itself has only a single mannequin, but several weapon displays, and works with the word 'cozy'. The home also has a small garden and cow pen.
- Navmeshes were only very lightly edited for the territory, with more 'preferred' zones added on existing triangles.
- Cleaned with TES5Edit!
- Player Home works with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions! 

- This mod is certainly Not Compatible with major town modifications in this zone, including the lovely Wolvenna's Half-Moon Vampire Town.
- Certain player homes are compatible, such as those outside the creek's bridge, like Half-Moon Chalet.

- Needs the latest version, and Hearthfire.
-Everything is created with vanilla assets, and only contains a single .esp to install.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!