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A customizable mod that lets you pick and choose which music/sound files to be replaced with silence. For immersion only.

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Silence Is Golden is purely for immersion and for those Skyrim players who want a nice peaceful game free of the Jeremy Soule soundtrack music and other immersion breaking sounds. You can of course turn the music slider down to 0 in your game settings menu to have a completely music free Skyrim experience but doing this removes certain sounds like Word Walls, New Location Discoveries, Level Up sounds etc. which some players might want to hear in their game.

Silence Is Golden is customizable and allows you to pick and choose what sounds/music you want to hear and what you don't want to hear throughout your game. All this mod does is replace the xwm audio files with silent tracks. There is no esp, you just download the silent tracks for whichever music/sounds you don't want to appear in your game and voila! they no longer play, just peace and quiet to enjoy the beautiful sounds of Skyrim.

The XWM files used in this mod can be removed or added at any time without fear of leaving anything behind in your saved game, just like texture files or meshes.

You can download them 2 ways -


I have split the music/sounds into 13 sections so you can pick and choose more easily which of them you want removed from the game. Once you have picked which you would like removed you can safely merge them all together into 1 mod either with a mod manager like Mod Organizer or manually download them and merge them yourself.

1 - Remove Exploration Music - removes all the morning, day, dusk and night music as well as the cart-ride into Helgen introduction music, Imperial and Stormcloak castle music and Sovngarde chant music.

2 - Remove Town Music - removes all the town music when entering and exploring cities.

3 - Remove Tavern Music - removes all the background music in Taverns (not the music the Bard's are playing).

4 - Remove Dawnguard Music - If you have the Dawnguard DLC this removes all the music from that.

5 - Remove Dragonborn Music - If you have the Dragonborn DLC this removes all the music from that.

6 - Remove Combat Music - removes all enemy encounter music and dragon attack music.

7 - Remove Dungeon Music - removes all the music from dungeons, ice caves, caves and forts.

8 - Remove Discover New Location Sounds - removes the sound that plays when you discover a new location.

9 - Remove Level Up Music - removes the music that plays when you level up your character.

10 - Remove Word Wall Music (New Shout Learnt) - removes the chant that plays after learning a shout on a word wall.

11 - Remove Reveal and Reward Music - removes certain snippets of reveal or reward music that appear in special locations.

12 - Remove Failure Music and Stinger Music removes the music that plays when the player dies or discovers Stinger.

13 - Remove Dragonborn Theme - removes the Dragonborn theme song that plays on the intro screen.


I have also included the full mod in optional files which is all 13 parts together so will effectively remove every music file from the game (just like putting the music setting to 0). This gives you the option if you prefer to just delete whichever silent tracks you want from the full mod so the original music/sound reappears back in your game. For example if you wanted the game to have no music/sound apart from the Level up music, download the complete mod and then delete mus_levelup_01.xwm, mus_levelup_02.xwm and mus_levelup_03.xwm from the mod so that the music for levelling up appears back in your game. I have included a text document with this mod that lists what each xwm file provides the music/sound for.


Not compatible with mods that change the original vanilla music

Fully compatible with Audio Overhaul for Skyrim, Sounds of Skyrim or any other mod that just changes the sound fx rather than the music files