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Creates an immersive game startup UI and music theme with Celtic music.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a new game startup UI background and Celtic/Viking themed music by Adrian von Ziegler (YouTube).

Most Recent Updates:
The recent addition was the new FOMOD NMM installer, now you don't have to go through a big giant list of files!

To install, download the main file and follow the steps in the NMM installer.

Kudo Points:
So, the music in my mods is incredible, and that is all thanks to Adrian von Ziegler. (YouTube link above).

Please report bugs!
Use the Bugs tab to report errors or CTD's you might get.
The only one I have encountered so far has been the client/Nexus-side problem were users may not be able to use the "Download with Manager" button. That one is out of my hands.

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