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Part of the Voiced Follower Enid Project
Click HERE to learn more

This is a light armor with a glass armor rating.
In game, press the ~ key to open up the console. Type in help brigida. Or help __ if you’re lazy like me.
You’ll find the numbers of her items. Type in player.additem INSERTNUMBERHERE 1 and the armor is added into the inventory.

As long as it's not a paid mod, you have my permission to rerelease this as a translation,body conversion, retexture, etc on the Nexus or on any website you choose. I put my name all over the meshes and textures, but it'd be nice if you can give me and CDProjektRed proper credit.

Click HERE for the recolorable versions retextured by Elianora.


I don’t take requests to make this/change that or going to convert it to another body.
I’m busy juggling my follower project and real life. Sorry.

Will you convert more Witcher stuff?


Sile De Tansarville and Witcher 3 conversions are already in the the pile. I’m converting these armors for my voiced follower project. Please track the Unique Voiced Follower Enid mod page or this forum because I’m bound to post more development updates in the weeks/months to come.

Who is the Wood Elf girl in your screenshots?

Laela. She’s going to be another voiced follower in the Enid Mod project.

Things that I might fix

 1) If there is a miracle where I'm not busy, I'll fix the little clipping at her belt.


Thank you CDProjektRed for making the Witcher 2. Best armor designs ever.

Thank you Urshi, SydneyB, Nimezis and ZZjay for being holy saints and having the patience to answer my numerous questions.