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HalloChristmasNightmare Estate

Welcome to HalloChristmasNightmare Estate this house is a Halloween and a Christmas theme players house and it has three bedroom a Master bedroom a children's bedroom and a follower's bedroom and both the followers bedroom and the children bedroom come with 6 
bed for your kids and this house comes with 6 follower and one of the follower is your housecar and two Merchants a Black Smith and a Alchemists and it also comes with two children a girl and a boy there name are Sophianna and Ericson and both are in-game vampire and both are in honor-hall orphanage Riften you can use the mod with jk skyrim this house does have a hidden room and a hidden Mine and on how to find the hidden mine you will need to find the hidden room and this house has a armory a library and all this can be yours for 35,000 and it's waiting for you in Morthal enjoy your new home.

This is my first mod so leave comments on the mod that way
I want to know what need to improve on for this mod and if there is any problems with this mod tell me so I can fix it  other then as for my next mod I want to know what you would like see in the mod and no I'm not saying on when the release date is for the mod because I don't know and I will not tolerate anyone who uploads this mod in any way shape or form for any reason those sites includes steam nexus or any other site that has skyrim mods on it and as for the the resource I couldn't get the links but the names of the Author of the resource I use are down blow now as for the mask display that is a in-game display along with the scripts see the Change log to see what is different between the old version of the mod and the new version of the Mod mod and with  hearthfire multiple adoptions Mod Has been fix in update 0.3 in witch is the last update for this mod thanks for downloading my mod.

Credit to the Author who made the Resources I used


Tamira,Stroti,JBVW,Riley Marks and Lycanthrops


Tamira,Phitt,Yughues aka Nobiax