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*ANOTHER (another) UPDATE!* Become Chuck Norris in Skyrim.

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In Skyrim, there exists a being whose power is the sum of the universe and beyond. A being, whose victims best know right from wrong, lest they are launched into outer space by his fists. A being who can perform the impossible...

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new, and improved:


-What this mod is-

This mod is 'God Mode' manifested, but instead, it's infinitely more badass.
There's absolutely nothing stopping you when you play as Chuck Norris.


Based on the satirical factoids that made Chuck virtually immortal, Chuck has been given his own unique powers and abilities. 
Expect to utilize powers whose effects range from:

-Forcefully disarming victims,
-Calling and dispersing wild storms on a whim,
-Spitting a giant fireball at unlucky victims,
-Hurling a giant poison loogie at the unluckiest victims,
-Running at speeds that make the game stutter, and the game maps buffer,
-Being able to slow down time at will, and play it like Quicksilver from X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse,
-Forcing dragons to land (this was purely out of annoyance, honestly),
-Hopping and jumping to incredible heights,
-Being totally invulnerable (hence, 'God Mode manifested'),
-Being able to always successfully intimidate/persuade (when possible),
-And soooo much more...
-The only mods this mod (MAYBE) wouldn't be compatible with, would be mods that overhaul perks, and change load screens.
-This mod isn't big at all (not even 1 MB).
-This mod comes with a bunch of powers; some were borrowed/based upon other mods. Credit is due wherever.
-If you drop the Punch of Chuck Norris, bring up the console, and type 'help "punch of chuck norris"', then add it back to your inventory.
-This mod is LORE-FRIENDLY!!
(Yes, I have managed to work Chuck Norris into Tamrielic lore. This is how I entertain myself,).

~Change Log~

0.1- Attempted to make a Super-Punch mod. Failed. Player got super-punched on self when attempted.
0.2- Attempted to have sex with Jarl Elisif the Fair. She told me to pray for her husband, Torygg. Failure.
0.3- Watched Walker, Texas Ranger, attacked the Ebony Warrior. Got killed. Failure.
0.4- Starting concocting a plan to make a badass character, attacked the Ebony Warrior, for revenge. Got killed. Failure.
0.5- Went on a killing spree in Markarth. Got killed. Failure.
0.6- Duplicated Imperial Race, killed Tullius. Success?
0.7- First edition of the Chuck Norris race is made! Success.
0.8- Complete overhaul: New starter facegen preset, height is changed, carry weight, etc. Success.
0.9- Unique 'Chuck Norris Abilities' added finally. Success.
1.0- First release- Chuck Norris now walks among the people of Skyrim! Huge success.
1.1- Added two new powers: 'The Norris Stare', and 'The Fiery Gaze of Chuck Norris'. Upgraded
and tempered some other powers.
1.2- Worked on 'The Norris Stare' some more.
1.3- Added several new abilities, revised many, worked on 'The Norris Stare' some more.
1.4- Chuck can now run faster than any creature with an added ability.
1.5- Fatal error in the original Chuck Norris mod, so I had to rebuild everything from scratch. Lame.
1.6- Chuck Norris is BACK! Same powers and shit, tho, so it's not as exciting.....
1.7- NEW POWERS! Experimentation with Chuck's height begins.
1.8- Chuck Norris was once as tall as a giant...
1.9- Added the PUNCH OF CHUCK NORRIS-- an invisible weapon that, when you punch humanoids (and giants), they are launched into the horizon!! (Also, I figured out recently that you can actually EXTRACT SCRIPTS from .BSA files. Dumbass,).
2.0- First release of the NEW CHUCK NORRIS RACE. Massive success. (It's been long overdue,).
2.1- Added a new ability: 'Reaction Time'; time is slowed immensely, but you still move quickly. Based on other slow-time mods, and inspiration from outside sources.
2.2- Added and tempered several new abilities, hidden perks, changed more Load Screens, etc etc.
2.3- Changed the names of many powers, and changed their effects.
2.4- Made Chuck's super-speed ability toggleable; to toggle it, activate it, and sprint. To deactivate, repeat the process.
2.5- Released a very-overdue update (twice!). Gosh, it feels good to get it out.
Recommended Mods:
(to up the experience)



Any and all 'Hardest/Scariest Dungeon/Enemy/Gameplay Overhaul/Whatever' mods out there.

This is the hard part:

All you've got to do.....

Is either install the mod with the Nexus Mod Manager, or manually install it by dropping the .esp file into your Data folder in your Skyrim directory.

Got it?

Cheers, mate.