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Adds a spell to liven up your Halloween in Skyrim

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Welp, I was bored, have fun

Installation, install it... woooo
Uninstallation, Uninstall it... wooo

Adds two spells in front of Honningbrew Meadery
One makes you more festive
One makes others more festive
Only works on NPC's (And Kids lol)


Q:  I have no hands in first person view when I'm a Pumpkahkiin wtf?
A: Pumpkahkiins have no hands

Q:  How bored were you
A:  Really bored

Q:  The right knee is a little fucked up on the Pumkahkiin
A:  When saving a large patch of his fellow friends years ago, Pumpkahkiin took a stray bandit arrow to that knee, he still suffers from it to this day. (Also I had one day give a man a break! lol)

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