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Sarthes Arai

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Adds Map Markers to various unmarked places arround Solstheim

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Adds Map Markers to various unmarked places arround Solstheim, like camps, ruins, shrines, interesting islands, and dragon burial mounds.

Requires Dragonborn (obviously).


Should be compatible to anything, if you use any mod that also adds map
markers, you will simply have 2 markers
at that place ;-)


- Initial release


Map Markers Complete
Map Markers Complete - Open Cities
Included Mod Modules

Special Edition Version (compatibility management by hishutup)
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Be aware that this Map Markers must still be discovered like any other in
vanilla game. Locations visited before installing this mod will not
automatically be discovered.


Feel free to use my mod in any way you want, including chaning, rewriting or using
parts of it. If uploading anything that uses parts of my work, please
tell me via PM and give credit. Thanks :-)