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Scripter's Edition

This is a guide on the creation of mods, not the installation of mods. You can find plenty of those out there with a simple Nexus/Google search.

This is Modding Skyrim: Scripter's Edition (MS SE). It is a guidebook on scripting in Skyrim. It covers everything from variables to events to states and SKSE scripting. MS SE is not necessarily meant to be read all the way through, given its length. Instead, it has an index so you can skip to topics applicable to you, or you can read the entire thing if you’re interested (which would be awesome, but I don't expect anyone to do it!).

It is intended for both new and old mod authors. If there's something I said that is factually incorrect, please tell me in the comments. Suggestions are welcomed from all - I want to make this as accurate and informative as possible. 

What It Includes

MS SE includes 7 parts, with many sections and subsections in each. There are 4 parts that are informative parts of the guide, and 3 others to help explain the guide, navigate, and credit. The file includes an index, which lists all parts, sections and subsections with hyperlinks to each. The parts are:

Basic Script Writing
Advanced Script Writing


File Format

The MS SE 7zip archive includes a .pdf. If you don't have a program to open either of those files, I recommend:

Adobe Reader

Other Editions

All editions in the 'Modding Skyrim' series:

Modding Skyrim: Modder's Edition
Modding Skyrim: Scripter's Edition


Thank you to my editors, Jac and Simsim.
Thanks to Bethesda for making Skyrim and providing modding tools.
Thanks to the entire community - without you, I would not have learned anything in the first place.