About this mod

Tired of the armors loosing large parts of the material and having sculpted breasts just because a woman puts it on the armor she just looted off a dead npc, or your female companions armor suddenly having huge molded breasts when they put on your old armor? Then this is the mod for you. Replaces most of the female armor meshes with ones closer to

Permissions and credits
Been working on this mod for a while. It's a compilation of several mods here on the nexus to replace the the female armor meshes (it doesn't touch the males) as well as some alternate variants. It's not finished, still have some reflection maps to add to several but i figured now would be a good time to release it.


This mod includes remesh/retextures for:
Ancient Nord/Draugr
Ebony Mail
Elven (Heavy/Light)
Nord (Steel) Plate
Stormcloak Officer
Farm clothes
Dawnguard armor
Falmer Heavy Armor
Royal Vampire armor
Chitin Heavy
Nordic Carved
Stalrim Heavy
Cultist robes
Farm Clothes 02 (Renamed to Farm Clothes/Farm Dress)
Farm Clothes 03 (Renamed to Field Clothes/Field Dress)
Farm Clothes 04 (Renamed to Peasent Clothes/Peasent Dress)
Fine Clothes 02 (Renamed to Traveler's Fine Clothes/Traveler's Fine Dress)
Merchant Clothes 02 (Renamed to Merchant Clothes/Merchant Dress)

And includes alternate variants of:
Dragon Scale
Ancient Nord
Elven (Heavy/Light)
Nord (Steel) Plate
Stormcloak Officer
Wolf armor
Royal Vampire
Nordic Carved

Also most (but not all) of the armors are environment mapped to be reflective using the skyrealism - shiny cubemaps

New in 1.3 Developer build
nothing yet


CNHF Extra Armor Conversions
MistriliaSysmic -
Protective Female Ancient Nord Armor
Thanatos3 -
CNHF 1_0 Calyps and Nuskas Heroic Form BODY REPLACER
calyps ja nuska -
Practical Female Armors
JZBai -
Less sexual female armor
747823 -
SkyRealism - Shiny
MTichenor -
Female Pants
by chinagreenelvis -
Improved closefaced helmets
by navida1 -

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work with Texture replacer?
it SHOULD, I say should because it replaces meshes and textures while also adding EV maps, so as long as their normal texture replacers (ie no
esp needed just a replacer in the default location) and it's loaded AFTER my mod it should work fine...of course if it looks TOO different the original
reflection maps might not synch up

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