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With Semi Auto Option!

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FN PDC - Feykrosah Nin
the Personal Defense Crossbow

Thanks Disbeat for another Video!

And thanks NorthWind for this relaxing~ Video!

If you don't have Dawnguard DLC.... you know the rest.

What is it? Another Non lore-friendly Crossbow?

YES! NO! This is Ancient Nord Arts! just like the 'Thu'um' !
Well, since my character is breton, This is Ancient half Man and half Mer Arts!

With a voice wielding power of Nord and elven technology, it can shoot faster(6clip semi auto), or reload faster!(4x speed)
in their tongue, it's 'Feykrosah Nin', Fairy Sting!

Cut the background story! In-game status plz!

When you install Feykrosah Nin into your game, you can choose two options
Semi Auto and Single Shot with Faster Reload, as far as i know, semi auto version is little buggy(but not so serious), so choice is yours!
if you installed her, you can craft Feykrosah Nin in Forge!
No other condition!
You can make it in level 1!

and also you can craft brad new sub sonic Sting bolt!
which fly slower(almost 2/3) but slightly stronger than steel bolt, bigger collision area and mass product-able!
you can make 24 of them with only single ingot of steel! too unbalanced? trust me, half of your bolts will miss the target

this balance design was came up with simple concept, Spray and Prey!
Feykrosah Nin is designed for CQC, Close Quarter Combat
due to slow projectile speed, it's hard to take a hit to the enemy in far range
well, in theologically, you can shoot the far ranged enemy but i'm not recommend it

Special Thanks
Bethesda for Skyrim
Fabrique Nationale de Herstal for design of FN P90
J3X for Auto Crossbow scripts and generous permission to modders, Check His Mod!

As long as you credit me or link this page, I don't care about my intellectual property rights!
Do it first! and Notice me later!(if you want)