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For now, just a few snow elf themed re-textures I'm using for my upcoming mods.

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Currently only a Snow Elf pack exists, but I will add more modules if the falmer love ever dies.

Snow Elves:
The bed and chairs are currently unfurnished since I'll need inspiration for that to find the right materials. There are plenty of bedding resources available that you could top it with, unless you like sleeping on hard stone. I don't recommend it. They're shiny and at least 10% sexier in-game. I may add a lot of new stuff as I continue to try out different Snow Elf themed mods, and I may also work on the UV maps for a few of these items in the future, so keep this tracked if you choose to use it ;)

Coming Soon:
  • 'real' hidden door - mesh done, working out how to extend the animation and fix collision

(told you it was hidden, GG)

  • flat walls - here's a sample, I'll probably remove the point at the top

(thoughts? needs some sort of decor right?)

  • more thrones
  • more beds
  • more chairs
  • more doorways
  • ivory furniture
  • basic ivory weapons
  • ramps (w/ walls)
  • stairs (w/ walls)
  • and the kitchen sink of course

If you have that crave that only little-elfy swag can satisfy, I urge you to visit the links below, they contain many more goodies like this that I won't cover here. This pack was designed to be used with them. But if you insist on grabbing the loot and running, that's like, its your loss bro.

Recommended With:
MCR's Snow Elf Resource Pack - same as this only better, mostly clutter
cad435's Snow Elves Reborn - same again, mostly cleaned-up exterior statics
Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture - makes the bronze elements look way cleaner (as above)

Requires DLC and basic modding knowledge, obviously.
No custom textures used so far :)

Other plans:
Elven Worship Project
. I plan to include shrines for all elven religions

Kaarstag's Throne
. Mesh done, simple stuff, need to fix furniture marker :)

Racial Banners
. For themed homes
. Please for the love of god someone make a Maormer tropical house I'm too lazy