Beautiful Female NPCs by mkageyama
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Added: 26/01/2012 - 10:20AM
Updated: 31/01/2012 - 11:19AM

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Last updated at 11:19, 31 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 10:20, 26 Jan 2012

This mod makes some female NPCs beautiful
(mainly followers or marriageable females).

Version History
-add 5 NPCs
-add 6 NPCs
-add 6 NPCs
-add tutorial (included in main file)
-add another type of Lydia (option)

-Extract the file included in the archive in your "Data" folder of the game.
-Simply install by Nexsus Mod Manager

This mod is not require any other mods, but you had better use
'Better Females by Bella'
or any other normal-map smoothing textures.

Numbers of filename (like 000XXXXX.nif or are same as NPCs BaseID.
So, you can select to install or uninstall each NPCs mod.

BaseID Name (M:marriageable F:follower)
_ _ 0001326f Endarie
_ _ 00013297 Lisette
M _ 000132AB Taarie
_ _ 00013366 Laila Law-Giver
_ _ 0001336a Maven Black-Briar
M F 0001336b Mjoll the Lioness
M _ 00013386 Anwen
M _ 0001339a Ghorza gra-Bagol
M _ 000133b7 Senna
_ _ 00013478 Delphine
M _ 0001347b Camilla Valerius
M _ 0001360b Aeri
_ F 00013666 Annekke Crag-Jumper
M _ 0001367a Gilfre
_ _ 00013ba4 Arcadia
M F 00013bab Ysolda
M _ 0001406b Muiri
_ F 0001411d Adelaisa Vendicci
_ F 0001990f Eola
_ _ 00019def Wylandriah
M F 0001a696 Aela the Huntress (Option No_Paint available)
M F 0001a6d7 Ria
M F 0001a6d9 Njada Stonearm
M F 0001c196 Brelyna Maryon
_ _ 0001e82c Fjotra
_ F 00028ad0 Aranea Ienith
_ F 00048c2f Illia
M F 000918e2 Uthgerd the Unbroken
_ F 000a2c8e Lydia (Option TypeB available)
M F 000a2c8f Jordis the Sword-Maiden
M F 000a2c91 Iona
M F 000b9982 Jenassa