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My third Face Preset

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RaceMenu/ECE Face Presets - Version 1.0
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Change Log:

-October-19-15: Uploaded
-June-3-16: added Race Menu

Hey guys! My third face preset "Skyla" for you all.

Having troubles getting a good screen shot?
~~~ 'tfc 1' in 3rd person view ~~~
~~~ 'sucsm 1'  0.1 to 99.9 Speed varies ~~~

Your Welcome!

Required Mods:

-Enhanced Character Edit (Face Preset)
-SKSE 1.6.9 or 1.6.13 - For ECE (Face Preset)
-Skyrim 1.8.151 or 1.9.32 - For ECE (Face Preset)

-CBBE Beauty Edition (Body Preset)
-Bodyslide and outfit studio (Body Preset)
-Skyrim 1.8.151 or 1.9.32 (Body Preset)

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE -
Enhanced Character Edit -
SKSE for Skyrim -

Recommended Mods:
To look 100% like screens need these other mods below

-Brows - High Resolution ~~~
-ApachiiSkyHair v1.6 or v1.5 ~~~
-SG Textures Renewal -CBBE ~~~
-The Eyes of Beauty ~~~

-KSHairdos 1-2 ~~~ Sorry going to have to Google it
-Rudy ENB ~~~

Installation For Face Preset:

1. Do not use NMM for installation, it will not work.
2. Download and install requirement mods. Install recommended mods to look like screenshots.
3. Download this CME/Slot save file.
4. Copy the slot file and paste to my document/my games/skyrim/CME_save/
5. Start the game and go to character creation menu by using "showracemenu" command and go to slot load and find the preset.
If you did not edit the file it should be Slot 6.

Installation for Race Menu Face Preset:

1. Do not use NMM
2. Down load needed and recommended mods
3. Download Skyla Jslot file
4. Copy and paste the Jslot file and unzip it to Data/SKSE/plugins/Chargen/Presets ( you may need to make presets folder )
5. Open your game and use "showracemenu" and go to presets tab and f9 Skyla.Jslot
6. Profit

Old Mods: ~~~ Rakshanna Body ~~~ Rakshanna V1 Faces ~~~ Rakshanna v2 Faces ~~~ Rakshanna AIO Body/Face - Newer ~~~ Alexis CBBE Face - Newest


  Credit to Caliente for CBBE v2/3
Credit to tktk1 for ECE
Credit to Apachii for Apachiiskyhair
Credit to the creator of KSHairdos 1-2
Credit to hellosanta for SG Textures
Credit to Lograam for Eyes of Beauty
Credit to Lthot/Hvergelmir for Brows High Resolution
Credit to Expired for Race Menu