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this is a complete novice tutorial. firstly made for a member. but now extend for everyone who are curious about glow mapping.

Permissions and credits
correction update 1.2beta note:
-adding a summary "this guide content"

-text enhancement (attempting to simplifying, or clarifying text comprehension)

-some correction/adding some credits

-enhanced layout (Work in progress)

-creating a french version
correcting some text, text linked to wrong pictures and language error.
(maybe some error are still there)

adding a section in GIMP tuto.
the "my gimp config" section that explain
how to configure Gimp boxes.

adding "easy draconic rune guide"
in tutorials parts.

adding a missing picture.

rewriting incomplete link related to several site, explaining
what are the functions of several DDS files type:
-texture_n, texture_s, texture_d, texture_g, etc...
links to site are now complete, so you can copy/paste them
directly to your browser and find those related site.


and maybe,...correction.

-adding general mapping tuto is in my mind
but need to think more about this.

and maybe when i feel it's close to be finalized, converting in an easy
PDF format (linked chapter, integrated pictures, ect...)


THE GOAL OF THIS TUTORIAL is to collect all sparely web information about glow mapping,
and mapping(not implemented yet), and merge them into an easy step tutorial.
i've made it because glow mapping isn't hard, but info was hard to collect,

-i think i've spend more time in researching how did different tools works, or wich version are
goods. it was also hard to understand each files utility and their purpose.

-the last side who add difficulty was the interactions between different part of the game,
concerning game visuals.

-and because all of those point are linked, i've tryed to clear this huge mess in this tutorial.

i've made it for fun, for sharing, and because i hope some pro will look and help me to enhance it. (and by side effect learn me more on mapping) :p

IT'S A NOVICE WORK, and i'm french (so my sentence, maybe the overall textes need real anglophone correction.) but i hope it will be usefull ;)
for a full guide experience i suggest you to download my mod:
that will give you editable example, of glow mapping. like this tutorial my mod is free of credit
you can take it and do whatever you want with it.
(**exept for every mods and software made by other member, that this guide is relative to.**)