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Adds unique soaps to many inns across Skyrim

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What is this

Inn Soaps is my attempt to use the wonderful unique soap textures and meshes from Amelli that you can find here.

Since no one had made a mod out of the textures yet, I figured I would make an attempt myself.

What does it do

This esp file adds the 10 inn soaps made by Amelli to their corresponding inn's vendor list. I have added 5 of each soap to the list, which will respawn.

The soaps have been added directly in the merchant container of the inn, meaning that it will be compatible with all leveled lists, as no leveled list was made or changed. This mod will be incompatible with any other mod that changes the merchant chest, however, unless you patch it yourself in TES5Edit (which is actually quite easy to do). 

Currently, this mod does nothing else than that. So the only issue you need to look out for, is other mods that add items into the 10 merchant chests of the inns.

In order to actually buy the soaps from the innkeepers, you will need the 'merchant' perk. That is because the soaps are 'misc' items, and innkeepers will only sell you food and ingredients until you have the 'merchant' perk, that will allow you to buy and sell other item types as well.
I currently do not know of any workaround for this, as it applies to the regular soaps from Bathing in Skyrim as well. Making the soaps ingredients or fooditems is not really an option.
You can of course always add them directly to your inventory using console.

The soaps textures are in 2k.

Bathing in Skyrim

The main file is dependant on Bathing in Skyrim as a master, and you cannot use it without the Bathing in Skyrim mod, which you can find here.

This mod is meant to be used alongside Bathing in Skyrim, as that was the whole point of adding new soaps to begin with. There is an optional standalone file that does not require Bathing in Skyrim, the soaps from the optional file have no use, and are merely there as collectible misc items.

These soaps are fully integrated in Bathing in Skyrim. They can be used to wash yourself clean, they disappear after use, and they all come with unique added magical effects that reflects their location and ingredients.

Optional file

The optional file does not require Bathing in Skyrim as a master. I figured maybe someone wanted that. That means that if you use that file, the soaps do not have any function, they are simply misc items that you can collect for fun. Use either main file or optional file - not both.

Future plans

I do not have any plans to make this mod compatible with any other bathing mods. To do so yourself, you will need to download the original textures and meshes, and make one yourself.

Eventually I might go into the Creation Kit and plant some soaps in the interiors of the inns, for atmosphere. That will create possible conflicts though, so I might just do that in my own game, and not upload it here.

Recommended mods

Soap Retextures - Retextures for some soap models

Solitude Public Bathhouse - Bathe like a true cosmopolitan

Showers in Inns - Compliments this mod very well. Now every inn has a separate bathing room

Dig Site - Go craft your very own bath tub
Bathing in Skyrim - Inn Soaps are usable to wash yourself clean with


- Many thanks to DrMonops who helped me integrate the soaps with Bathing in Skyrim
- This small mod would of course not have been without the work already done by Amelli, and her soap textures - find them here
- Credits to InsanitySorrow for creating the original soaps as well
- And finally, the mod that inspired me to make this - Bathing in Skyrim - get it here


See the permissions tab.