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Wiseman303's Flora Fixes v2.01

- Description
Fixes bugs relating to harvestable objects in Skyrim.

Everything touched by this mod includes any fixes from the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (v3.0.0.)

- Complete List of fixes:
- Workaround for the flora respawn bug.
- Hawk's nest now uses the correct mesh instead of the Rock Warbler nest.
- Mountain Flowers and Bird's Nests have been given distinct names.
- Coin purses will release pedestal pressure plates when "taken."
- Made the Mora Tapinella that had no harvested state (meshes/landscape/plants/treepineforesthollow01mshrm01.nif) disappear when harvested.
- Made hanging rabbits, pheasants, horker, and charred skeevers disappear when harvested.
- Realigned collision boxes on meshes/dlc02/plants/dlc2horkermeat01.nif
- Corrected texture paths in meshes/dlc02/plants/floraspikygrassash01.nif and meshes/dlc02/plants/floraspikygrassash02.nif
- Removed redundant nodes and trishapes from meshes/landscape/plants/testmountainflower01blue.nif
- Added collision to and corrected shape position in meshes/plants/florasnowberry02snow.nif

- Compatibility:
- Not compatible with, and intended as a replacement for Flora Respawn Fix.
- Minor conflicts with any other mod that changes the same meshes I did. Mostly I would recommend letting that mod overwrite this one. No critical changes were made to meshes this version.
- Any mod that adds new flora, or makes changes to existing flora or tree forms, will need a patch to attach my script or else those flora will still have the respawn bug.

- Requirements:
- Since version 2.0 this mod requires SKSE 1.7.2 or newer.
- All official DLC is required (except the HD textures.) I may eventually make separate version for the base game and DLC, but it will be a low priority unless there are a number of requests for it. I don't have a lot of time for modding anymore and that would be extra work for little if any benefit.

- Recommended:
- Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71214/?
- Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB http://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1499
- Wiseman303's Critter Fixes http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54485/?
- Wiseman303's Trap Fixes http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/55100/?

- Installation:
- For games that have not had Flora Fixes or Flora Respawn Fix installed.
- No special steps are necessary. Install manually or with the mod manager of your choice.

- Upgrading:
- For upgrading from an existing install of Flora Fixes v1.x or Flora Respawn Fix.
- Download the FloraSaveFixer tool (v2.0 or later) from the Miscellaneous section of this mod's nexus page.
- Run FloraSaveFixer on the save you wish to continue from.
- Install the new version of Flora Fixes normally.

- Known Issues:
- Flora that has an enable parent may have a slight delay before resetting to it's unharvested state when you enter the cell or load a save. This is due to a limitation in SKSE. For those interested in the technical details read the article on this mod's nexus page.

- Change Log:
- Improved sanity checking in one of the scripts.
- Removed edits to the flora version of the Sleeping Tree Sap Spout, which wasn't actually used in-game.
- Plugin is now flagged as a master file for improved patch support.

- Complete rewrite. Now works on existing saves. FloraSaveFixer tool only needed for switching from Flora Respawn Fix or an earlier version of this mod.
- Added harvest animations to all harvestable dead animals.
- Gave distinct names to the two Birds' Nests.

- Respawn timers are now reset if the cell is visited before respawn time.
This should keep things synchronized with the rest of the cell reset.

- Fixed installer.
- Script improvements to reduce log spam about activate parents.
- Yellow Mountain Flowers now have distinct names as well.

- Mountain Flowers now have distinct names.
- Fixed animation for floradeathbell02.nif

- Added full NMM/FOMod installer

- Fixed broken script on Sleeping Tree Sap Spout.

- Mesh patches contributed by x0ne to include fixes from Mindflux's Particle Patch for ENB.
- Minor script tweak. Plants that have an animation added after they are harvested will appear harvested next time the cell loads.

- Hotfix for Soul Husks.

- Initial Release.

- Credits/Thanks:
- Bethesda for the base meshes I modified.
- bluedanieru for starting me on the path of making this mod.

- Permissions:
- Please do not re-upload this mod anywhere else. You may use assets from this mod in your own unpaid mods, credit appreciated.
- I would also appreciate you contact me if you use any of my work in your own mod, so I can see what you made with it.
- Use of resources credited to other authors requires their permission separately.