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From now on Dovahkiin has personality and the mood that varies with time. Consuming hot and delicious food, getting victories over powerful enemies, looting valuable items or money as well as many other events will affect the mood and overal gameplay.

Permissions and credits
First of all - English is not my native language so any help or suggestions about mistakes or stylistic inaccuracies are strongly welcome.

The main goals of the mod are...
  • to provide extra meaning to presence of plenty of food in the game, as well as the process of cooking and visiting taverns.
Mods with needs, such as RND and INeed, are already doing this, but I was not happy with one thing - to satisfy your self it will be enough to eat  5 cabbages, or 20 apples and the problem will be done. Where is the sense? What fore we have so many recipes, food and ingredients in the game?
MoodMod is trying to solve this problem by introducing the concept of "mood". It's simple - the more expensive your food, the better taste it will have, so more joy you will get from it. After you eat 5 cabbage, you will be filled as before, but your mood will not change too much. 
So if you want to raise your moral - go and cook something tasty or just go to the tavern and buy something realy tasty from the professionals!

  • to breathe life into your companions. Give them a bit of individuality and unpredictability in daily life (combat system is not affected). They  now can earn and spend their money, cook food or order it in taverns if they feel hungry, craft staff in blacksmith, and many more without involving you in these processes.

If you like the mod - feel free to endorse! :)

NEW in 2.0:
  • Added Face expressions bouth on player and followers
  • Any two of your followers now have same mood system as the player. (Just ask any about his mood)
  • They also can feel hunger so they will be trying to collect ingredients, cook food or by it in taverns.
  • Cooking based on real pecipes of Skyrim (or CACO if plugged in) so make sure they have salt, water and other ingredients to cook some special meals. Anyway they will try to colleсt or buy it by themselves.
  • Now when they working in blacksmith, they not just waving a hammer, but really craft staff (which can later sell to traders). It is completely new craft system. You can see ditails during their craft on long press of mood hotkey.
  • While crafting and trading they increase their skills.
  • Efficiency of crafting and trading depends on their craft and speechcraft skills.
  • Followers now have their personal diaries, which shows their statistics. 
  • Followers  consider Gold in their pockets as their property. So you can't get it untill you rase his trust to you up to 10%. And after 50% of trust they will stop getting upset when you take money from them.
  • Followers now making a comments on different occasions. (You can make them silent in options)
  • Mod is compatible with any companion mods.

Mood scale:

In red zone (depression) the character gains almost no experience of his actions (5% of normal), and receives a penalty to speechcraft.
In green zone (Exellent) - he gets bonus to experience growth (30%) and gains  bonus to speechcraft.
In normal zone - without changes
In green zones decreasing speed is higher than usual so keeping your mood there will be not so easy.

Main features:

  • Consuming food increases your mood ( rate can be adjusted in settings)
  • Consuming during the day the same kind of food, each time gives you less fun
  • Eating one kind of food day after the day makes you bored of it. So try to diversify your diet.
  • Mood is reducing over the time  (speed adjustable in settings). With Frostfoll - cold fasters it,  warm - slows it down.
  • Hot food gives you much more pleasure (Food remains hot during an hour after been cooked it is marking in inventory)
  • Eating in taverns is the best way to satisfy your gastronomic needs
  • Finding significant amounts of money and expensive things, makes Dragonborn very happy.
  • You can chose from a nomber of character types for your Dovahkiin - each one will affect  your mood gain and overal gameplay - some characters getting upset when looting deadbodies, some likes hunting and so on..  (all details in MCM help)
  • You may discover your favorite taverns and meals that will make you a little bit happier :)
  • and something more...


  • Long press on mood chek key displays the additional information about your mood, favorit places anf meals and bored food (only if you have such)
  • If you have food in your boring list, just forget about it for a several days.
  • If you have Northen Bathhouses mod installed, you can go an take a bath :) Just sit on the bench, the longer you sitting there the more joy you get.
  • From no one you can't cook for your self in public places. It's just not right!)
  • Hangover will pass by itself. Just  be patient (And make conclusions)


Mod works perfectly with needs mods like Realistic Needs and Diseases (long press on the  chek key displays additionsl info about needs and statuses)
Almost No game objects was changed so there should be no serious conflicts with any other mod.
All you can get is some disbalance with some food mods because of it's overvalued food prices.


Legendary Skyrim (with all 3 DLC)
SKSE 1.7. +