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Thanks to Bluedanieru's Flora Respawn Fix, get rid of flora respawn bug on Wyrmstooth.

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Flora Respawn Fix for Wyrmstooth
By Ro84

Based on a work of Bluedanieru


This mod extends the usage of the Flora Respawn Script created by Bluedanieru to the 3 new harvestable plants available on Wyrmstooth: Bog Beacon, Elf Cup Cap, Fungus Stalk. Now you can harvest these plants without fearing the flora respawning bug.

Since the script is not included in this mod, you must have Flora Respawn Fix already installed and in use. The esp included here edits the Flora records for the harvestables in Wyrmstooth in order to link to the Flora Respawn Script, a script file provided by the original fix.

* Skyrim, last official patch
* Wyrmstooth
* Flora Respawn Fix (link to the original mod)

* Make a strong back-up save (this is always true before trying new mods);
* Drag and drop the .ESP file into Skyrim's Data folder, or let it manage by your Mod Manager, if you have any. Load after Wyrmstooth and FRF, of course.

German version available.
Italian version available.
Spanish version available.

Not supported, as per FRF's description. Just install and forget it.

Same for Flora Respawn Fix.

TES5Edit cleaned.

Q: I see Wyrmstooth has been deleted. Are you planning to hide this mod aswell?
A: No. I'm not editing and re-publishing Wyrmstooth.esp or Wyrmstooth.bsa, so noboby/nothing can force me to remove this patch.

Many sincere thanks to Bluedanieru for his fantastic Flora Respawn Fix. My personal game experience became really more pleasant, getting rid of that damning annoying resistance I felt every time I desired to harvest a natural resource, fearing that it never would have been returned.

Many sincere thanks to jonx0r too, for his fantastic Wyrmstooth DLC-like mod! Absolutely a must-have for every Skyrim players.

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| | This mod is intended only for FREE distribution.                                                                                                                               | |
| | Any changes or use of content of this mod will require my permission.                                                                                             | |
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