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DIY Custom Banner

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I first must give credit to hoax2 for thier Custom Sigils DIY mod, which is what prompted me to make this mod for skyrim.

Custom Sigils DIY

This is a very simple mod that is meant to be used by people that would like to put a custom banner into the game but don't want to play around with the CK and do it themselves. This mod puts a copy of one of the generic banners from skyrim in your data folder that can be edited and customized without changing any of the existing banners in the game.


1) Install this mod using NMM

2) Use your mad photoshop skillz to edit this file
  • ...\Data\textures\clutter\customsigil\customsigilbanner.dds

3) Travel to the Riverwood Trade Post and view your new banner
  • You will find it by the stairs hanging on the wall

To copy or move the banner you will need a  program like Jaxonz Positioner.

Jaxonz Positioner

Future Plans:

These are things I would like to do , but due to lack of time they probably won't happen.

  • Make the banner craftable
  • Have it added to each house you purchase automatically
  • An Option to make it through the Hearthfire house building system

Mods Using my Mod:

Fighters Guild Banner by Unicus1