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Ever wanted axe for your hunter?

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  • French
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As part of Garrus's Axe Compilation or alone by Tarshana's mod team
Available for Skyrim SE by Hilli1 here.

Shepherd's Axe

     Shepherd's axe (also known as valaška, fokos or rabanica) has been for centuries favorite tool of shepherds in Carpathian Mountains (borders of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and continues through Ukraine, Hungary and Romania). Light and long axe is truly a versatile multitool. It's been used as a walking stick, for chopping branches, hooking high growing apples, fending of wolf, self defence and even in a traditional dance.

     Not a weapon for a brute warrior, but an essential tool for a hunter, ranger, highwayman or even swordsman tired of swords.

Smithing: For 1 handed you need 1 firewood (for handle) and 2 steel ingots.
     For 2 handed 2 firewoods and 2 steel ingots.
     Both axes are in the "steel" section and you need "steel smithing" perk to craft and upgrade them. Both are also enchantable.

Stats: 1 handed axe has slightly lower damage than standart steel axe (due to a smaller blade), but is much faster and has far better reach.
     2 handed axe lacks in mass and is slightly shorter than steel battleaxe, but is much faster and lighter.

Optionals: 1K and 2K textures now available. You need the main file first, than download version you want and "overwrite" in Nexus Mod Manager
     or "merge" in Mod Organizer.
     Standalone .bsa packaging for easier manual instal/uninstal.

Translation: French translation thanks to Setvi.

Updates: V 1.1 - Shepherd's axe is now available in four variants. Original, darker wood, without engravings and combination. 1 handed versions have now
    50% chance to be used by farmers and hunters. Both versions have small chance to be carried by various bandits. You can use any version of shepherd's
    axe to chop wood on wood chopping block, but in animation is still shown vanilla woodcutter's axe.
    Patch 1.11 - Axe is no longer on named NPCs. Fixed language problems with NPC names. Hunters have a ~25% chance to have one variation in

     Meshes and 4k textures are custom made and shape is inspired by various shepherd's axes and especially Valaška by Sharp Blades
     My girlfriend decorated axe shafts with dragon engraving. So many thanks to you. It won't be whole without your help.

Have fun chopping away the daily troubles of an adventurer.