About this mod

This mod allows Wintermyst enchanted rings and jewelry to be distributed across a wide variety of visually distinct jewelries separated by culture - Nordic, Dwemer, and Forsworn, in a way that the Wintermyst Patcher can't do by itself. It also implements Immersive Jewelry's feature of right clicking to instantly switch any ring to the left

Permissions and credits

The Wintermyst Patcher distributes copies of enchanted jewelry with its own new enchantments as long as enchanted jewelry already exists in a mod's main .esp, and it uses these pre-existing pieces as templates for the jewelry it will create.

This didn't quite work for Immersive Jewelry because of a number of features that the patcher was not able to include - most important of which was that Immersive Jewelry splits styles of jewelry between three separate levelled lists for Nords, Dwemer, and Forsworn, and also has a special script that recognizes right hand rings and lets you instantly swap them to your left hand by right clicking to equip.

This mod chiefly implements the left hand ring swapping feature for all the new rings that Wintermyst adds. It also does the following:

    1. Cleans up the patcher's erroneous placement of Nordic jewelry items in Breton levelled lists.

    2. Blocks and replaces the ubiquitous vanilla mesh based enchanted jewelry in the main Wintermyst.esp so that everything is diverse.

    3. Uses different template jewelry for enchants than the already existing enchanted jewelry in Immersive Jewelry, for diversity.

    4. Renames certain enchantment descriptions for lore-friendliness between different dungeons. For example, "of Veloth's aura" and "Daydene's Panacea" items which can still be found in Dwemer ruins, strongly correlated with Morrowind, will be replaced by "Stendarr's Light" and "Harmonious Masters" counterpart items for Nords and Forsworn. "Of the Cheetah" seems okay for Forsworn, but "Of Locomotion" seems more in keeping with the Dwemer theme.

    5. Makes the new Wintermyst enchantments be affected by material type according to Immersive Jewelry's geomancy system, so that certain stones and metals are innately better or worse for certain enchantments.

    6. Adds enchantment recipe notes for the new Wintermyst enchantments that can be found and bought at alchemists and apothecaries, to give clues about gem and metal type advantages.




Immersive Jewelry - for all the click-to-switch unenchanted and vanilla enchantment rings.

Wintermyst - for all the new enchantments.

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade - This is helpful for navigating Immersive Jewelry's crafting menu, and also gives the option of further bending enchantment strength based on jewelry value.

Exchange Currency - There's an optional version of Immersive Jewelry that doesn't add coin and ingot weight, but if you're using the normal version which does, Exchange Currency very immersively adds banknotes to every vendor that can be traded at face value without "selling" them. You can also get full value for gold and silver bars as a system of legal tender.


To get this to work properly, both this patch and Immersive Jewelry.esp should be EXCLUDED from your load order while generating your Wintermyst Patch. After the patch is finished, reactivate both and load this patch AFTER your main Wintermyst patch.


Immersive Jewelry drew on many jewelry source mods on the Nexus, and in uniting them into a cohesive whole, made changes to meshes and textures and slot placements. For this reason, any jewelry mod on Immersive Jewelry's "Contributor Thank You List" (on its front page) is incompatible and will change the appearance of jewelry pieces or make them not appear, or make them conflict with other pieces. This is not unfortunate, however, for there are certainly more varieties of the jewelry from each mod than they have themselves included in Immersive Jewelry and placed on leveled lists.


While all the rings and most of the circlets work on male characters, there are some necklaces and earrings for which there are not male models.

Some of the included necklaces are fitted to the vanilla female body, so if you are using a replacer like UNP or CBBE, those necklaces may levitate about two inches above the chest. However, every other piece of jewelry in the mod looks best with CBBE.

I've noticed sometimes while scanning jewelry pieces in the menu that the environment map won't load right away, leaving the jewelry pieces looking duller than they should. Usually if you look again in a few seconds this goes away.

Some circlet meshes came with armor addons for Khajiit and Argonians. I lazily have not yet retextured all of their variants. We'll see if anyone who plays Khajiit or Argonian notices.

The ring swapping can be borked into duplicating your ring if you rapidly click right and left mouse buttons simultaneously. Obviously don't do that. Also, the swapping of custom names can be lost along with your enchantment if you swap it immediately after enchanting. Drop your ring on the enchanting table and let it sit for 9 heartbeats, then pick it up again and it will be swappable with enchantment forever.