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You want to play as Ralof´s twin brother or as his father? Then this could be something for you. My file is a collection with over 80 presets for RaceMenu by expired from NPCs of the main game, and now also from DLCs.

Permissions and credits
NPC presets for RaceMenu

First I appologize if my discription appears strange, clumsy and contains mistakes. English is not my first language.

My file is a collection with over 80 presets for RaceMenu by expired from NPCs of the game.
This is not new. I noticed some time ago an unlocker mod here on nexus that
allows you to use every NPC as a preset. To the moment I was not able
to find this mod for comparison.
The advantage here are the presets as they come with expireds RaceMenu themselve. You can activate /
deactivate or install / deinstall them as you like just in the midth of a play through and need not worry about that.

I made the presets using a ModOrganizer profile very close to vanilla. So there are no further requirements
aside from SKSE and RaceMenu by expired6978.
You can use these presets to create your character as a twin of an NPC, you can use them to give your
character recognizable kinship to an NPC (father, brother...) or just
use them to start your own charakter creation as you do with the default presets.
You can use them as a sort of modders recource, if you want to overhaul an NPC and want to make only little changes to him / her. Just use a preset,  start your creation and export it out of RaceMenu to apply it with nifmerge on your mod.

For the screenshots here I used also a vanilla setting. NPCs may appear very different according to the mods
you have installed. So is my thought that vanilla gives a good reference because every one has experienced that.
I hope veterans in using mods can remember how vanilla looks like. ;)

Presets in expireds RaceMenu allow a lot of flexibility. In order to create a twin you have to match race
and gender. Aside from this you can use them to different races or even apply them to the opposite gender.
Because male and female characters have their own sets of eyes, brows, lips and noses it is not possible to create a twin having the opposite gender.


May I introduce...

Elrik, Lydias brother

He is not a twin, but similar enough to reflect kinship to Lydia.
This was made by applying Lydias preset on a male charakter using only vanilla recources and the additional
sliders coming from expireds RaceMenu.
After applying Lydias preset I got a displacement with the make up. I could get this fixed by:
Saving what I got as a new preset and leaving the game. Then starting the game loading a save before I applied Lydias preset and
loading this new preset in RaceMenu.
I had to do a lot manually to get the result above. Lydias preset can be seen here more as a suggestion from RaceMenu. I kept the eyes and brows for example but had to select lips and nose new.
At the end there is the question: Was it necessary or helpful to apply Lydias preset?
Necessary... no, But I think it was helpful for the start.


SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender)
Racemenu expired6978


I recommend to install the file with a Modmanager. This way you prevent yourself from sorting over 80 presets out from your own, when you want to uninstall them.

NMM / MO: Just install them like any other Mod.
I recommend only to activate them if you want to use them and letting them unactivated otherwise.
Over 80 presets can clutter up your menu and makes it not easy to find your own presets.

Manual Installation (not recommended)

Extract the downloaded archieve to your DATA folder in your Skyrim directory, and select merge.


NMM / MO: Deactivate the file, if it is not already, and uninstall it just like any other mod.

When you did a manual installtion you have to take the folderpath: Skyrim\DATA\SKSE\Plugin\CharGen\Presets.
There you have to delete manually over 80 presets. So take a cup of tea or coffee, get some cookies, it will take a while ;)


There should be no conflicts, because they were made under close to vanilla conditions.
The only conflict I can imagine could be: You have made own presets and named them by chance the same way as some of
mine. That can be easily checked.

How to use the presets

In RaceMenu select race and gender first. Then click on the preset tab
and choose load preset F9 and select the preset you want to apply.
In order to create a twin it is important to have race and gender matching.
If you are not sure about this you can relate the race from the presets name.
For example Lydias preset is named: LydiaNord.
Some of the preset need further adjustments by yourself.
For example Karliah has violet eyes which cannot be found under vanilla character creation conditions.
Therefore I gave her red ones. If you want o create a twin of her, you have to adjust the eye colour manually using a mod
that provides this colour.
Nocturnal is a redguard with special pale skin colour. In order to achieve that I used the colour sliders in racemenu.
From PC to PC the result may vary and needs perhaps additional adjustment.
Serana´s hair and her eyes are not available under vanilla charakter creation conditions, so I made defaults from vanilla in order to keep the requirements to the basics. In order to make a twin you need a hair mod that provides her hairstyle or a mod that unlocks her hairstyle. The similar has to be done to achieve her eyecolour. I just (16.12.2015) noticed this mod: Playable Serana eye texture.The vanilla way of becoming a vampire will drift your appearance away from the original. In this case you need a mod that makes vampire to look more alike human.

How are these presets made

The making of these presets is based on the tutorial "How to apply any custom NPC's face to your character with Racemenu 3.0"
by choko2114.
There you take the mesh- and texture files of an NPC and import them into expireds RaceMenu. Afterwards
you have to apply make up, hair and brows manually.
As a Noob I haven´t installed the creation kit and my current knowledge about it is:
I know how it is spelled and that´s it.
So I made a workaround using the NPC Editor by foretrenty. I wrote down hair, brows and make up and selected „create mod“.
The result was a esp- and a bsa file. I needed something to extract the bsa file.
This was done by ModOrganizer. It is a recomended setting to have MO extracting bsa files.
So I insalled the NPC as a mod; picked out the required files and deleted the mod afterwards. The rest was done as
depicted in choko2114´s tutorial. The disadvantage of the NPC Editor is, that it has been never updated to handle the DLCs.
So I could only make presets from NPCs of the main game.
Meanwhile I installed the creation kit and got it handle the DLCs and leveled myself up from Noob to beginner. So I was able to make presets of some NPCs from the DLCs.

My file contains the following presets

Mainfile 1: NPC Presets for RaceMenu
Aela, Aerin, Ahtar, Alva, Alvor, Anneke, Argis, Arnbjorn, Astrid, Balgruuf, Beleval, Brelyna, Brynjolf, Calder, Camilla, Carlotta, Celann, Cicero, Delphine, Delvin, Durak, Elisif, Eola, Erdi, Erik, Faendal, Faleen, Falk, Farengar, Farkas, Fastred, Freya, Gabriella, General Tullius, Golldir, Gormlaith Golden Hit, Gregor, Grelka, Gunmar, Hadvar, Hakon One Eye, Harkon, Hroki, Illia, Ingjard, Irileth, Isran, Jonna, Jordis, Kaie, Karita, Karliah, Kodlak, Lisette,
Lydia, Lynly, Madanach, Maven, Mirabelle, Mjoll, Muiri, Nazir, Nocturnal, Olfina, Onmund, Ralof, Rayya, Rikke, Roggi, Saadia, Saphir, Serana, Sigrid, Sorine, Sven, Sylgja, Titus Mede, Tonilia, Tsun, Ulfric, Uthgerd, Valdimar, Vilkas, Vivienne Onis, Ysolda.


Bethesda for Skyrim
The nexus community for the largeamount of shared mods, tutorials and advice
Patterson, Abel, Connelly for SKSE
expired6978 for RaceMenu
seb263 for ShowRaceMenu Alternativ
choko2114 for How to apply any custom NPC's face to your character with Racemenu 3.0
foretrenty for NPC Editor


I like to see this file staying here on Nexus.
Aside from this you can use it as you like without making money from it. This is free content.