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Do you love powerful encounters with draugr from Skyrim Immersive Creatures and Revenge of the Enemies but find the draugr armor is a little overpowered? This file will simply remove their armor rating.

Permissions and credits
What does this mod do?

It's a simple "patch" that removes the armor rating from draugr for users of Skyrim Immersive Creatures.

Why are you going around downloading difficult mods and then nerfing them?

*Hangs head in shame*

But seriously, why?

SIC is fun, especially with Revenge of the Enemies, but are very overpowered by armoring them. You don't have to use this file, it's only to keep the fun of making draugr hard without having to hit them 100 times.

This won't take up a precious slot in your load order!

You can mark this file as mergeable with Wrye Bash.

1. Load up Wrye Bash
2. Right click on "Bashed Patch, 0.esp
3. Allow it to merge my esp with anything else marked as mergeable
4. Create your bashed patch
5. Activate the bashed patch and deactivate my esp.

If you're not using a Bashed Patch and you're not using Requiem or PerMa then you SHOULD be using a Bashed Patch + a TES5Edit Merged Patch

Video instructions here and here


It must be loaded after Skyrim Immersive Creatures and any mods than increase draugr armor rating


Skyrim Immersive Creatures


Nexus Mod Manager

1. Download with manager, double-click to install

Mod Organizer (Recommended)

1. Download with manager, double-click install

Manual (Not Recommended)

1. Unzip folder into Skyrim --> data


Uninstall via manager or find the file in your data folder and delete it.

This file does not have scripts and makes extremely minor edits to your game so there is no risk of uninstalling mid-game.


1. This is basically just TheTrader's Requiem patch without Requiem. All credit goes to him/her and is aware of this file's existence.
2. lifestorock for SIC
3. Sharlikran for TES5Edit
4. Bethesda for Skyrim