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Explore the crypts and dungeons of Skyrim as they should be.

This mod eliminates light sources dynamically and is fully customizable to your preferences. Further, it is compatible with ALL other mods that affect dungeon lighting.

--Another brutal game-play enhancing mod brought to you by the Sands of Time team.

Permissions and credits
Requires: Dawnguard, Dragonborn, SKSE, and SkyUI,
as well as the latest Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
*Read sticky notes for important info.

I drink in the depths of my sorrow, thus I quench the thirst of my soul
Swimming in a sea of blackness, I drown in delight as I am overtaken by waves of shadow

A standalone complementary dungeon darkening mod brought to you by the Sands of Time team.

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      Don't you think it is un-immersive and absurd that all these dungeons have lit candles and torches with only monsters residing in them?  As if we are
supposed to believe that 1) they run on eternal fuel, and /or 2) that the monsters maintain them.  Yeah, we thought that was pretty stupid too.

      So the goal of this mod is to remove all the various lighting sources ("light-bulbs") found within the dungeons.  (Fun Fact: "Lights Out" was the name of this project before release.  A special shout out to all of you who tested and gave feedback during the beta stages of this mod; thank you!  You guys rock.)

      The qualifying factor that makes Eternal Darkness so unique is that this mod will work with ANY other current lighting mod since the light is disabled on the fly.  (Please place this mod BEFORE / ABOVE ANY OTHER LIGHTING MODS so that their effects can override ours without issue; this will ensure maximum compatibility.)  In fact, our development team uses the spectacular Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX) mod and we recommend others to use it along with this mod as well--because it adds extra awesomeness.

Your prayers have been answered.


1) Upon activating the mod, a script will scan for and disable the various light sources found within all the dungeons across Skyrim.  This is the (anti-)brilliant (get the joke?) and magical part of the mod which ensures compatibility with your favorite "darkening" mod.  Applying this approach, was......pure genius (feel free to lavish us in praise you seekers of dark you ;) ).

NEW IN 2.0: Optional Auto Feature to darken dungeons as they are entered. This allows new dungeons to be darkened. Also, it will turn off light sources from other mods like ELFX. This is done dynamically, guaranteeing compatibility with other light mods. 

2) An MCM menu which allows the mod to be customized to your tastes and lore-preferences.  Our team prefers dungeons to be pitch-black (literally like looking into an abyss), however we realize that others will prefer some light sources (ie. beginning adventures that aren't smart enough to bring along essential torches), as well as those that prefer submitting to Elder Scrolls lore over fun hardcore game-play.  (There are various clues found within the Elder Scrolls universe that explain semi-lit dungeons.)

   It is for the above reason, that we have attempted to incorporate various toggles for each and every player and play-style.  Example:
-Enable / Disable the "lightbulbs" (the sources of "floating" light that comes from behind walls.)
-Enable / Disable the many light fixtures
-Enable / Disable the glowing embers
-An adjustable scale to either permit spontaneous light deactivation (never experience the same lighting theme twice!) or 100% deactivation for the most hardcore of players (kudos to you guys!).



The mod is very easy to use.  Once you are in the game after activating the esp file, wait for the MCM to show up.  After SkyUI informs you the new MCM has been registered, go into it and select your desired settings.  Once everything is to your liking, click the large "APPLY" button.  Once you hit apply, Eternal Darkness shall start creeping across the land--darkening all (vanilla and DLC) dungeons in its path.  This process will take about 5 minutes.  So, grab some ale, and hang out in your favorite inn for a bit.

After 5 minutes or so pass.  You'll see a confirmation message stating that Eternal Darkness has finished running.  All dungeons are now ready.  (We chose this method specifically so as to not require you to stand around for a bit after entering each dungeon and waiting for it to grow dark.  Nope, just a one time wait period and you're off without any further interruptions--see our genius yet?


     Step 1) Backup your save game in case you wish to uninstall the mod at a later time.
     Step 2) Download and install with your preferred mod manager.
     Step 3) Ensure the ESP is active (ticked)
     Step 4) Start Skyrim, wait for the MCM to activate/appear
     Step 5) Enjoy! 


     Step 1) Deactivate (untick) the ESP
     Step 2) Remove with your preferred mod manager
     Step 3) Use Savegrame Script Scalpel by flexcreator to remove any orphaned scripts in your game


     Step 3 - Alternate)  Reload and restart game using the previously saved backup from Step 1 during installation
     Step 4) Continue on in Skyrim with lit up--brighter than the sun--dungeons


  The mod is compatible with everything--in fact, much care and thought went into making it that way.  However, in order to ensure maximum compatibility, you must place this mod ABOVE any other lighting mods you use.

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For an even more difficult time in dungeons, use this along with our other standalone mods, Genesis and/or Sleeping Encounters.


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In Eternal Darkness
(by Regis Keuren)

Dropped like a stone
Weighing down my gut
As it falls now
Through the floor
The unwanted vision
Boring itself into my being

I walk a straight line
Crooked in the mind's eye
Illusion of a light and dark
But stumble any which way
And only death waits below

Behind me
A murder of crows
Cawing anxiously
A cacophony of shrill sounds
From bloody beaks
They call me their worm

No turning back
But in front of me
Stands at ten feet tall
The fear of growing old
Tethered to regretful what ifs

The flawed process of growing
Embellished by fevered thinking
Of nightmares crossing into non-fiction
And that creeping sensation in the gut
That crawls upward with thin spidery legs

Weaving webs of silken dread
In which lie caught my darker thoughts
Malignant like tumors growing against the sides of my intestines
A fungal pattern of consuming sorrows
Their spores to dot the landscape of my already spotted mind

I created a wasteland of darkness
That in its sheer terror numbed me enough
So that I now call it home
And when it is light outside
And the sun shines her loving warmth
It keeps a part of me
Forever shrouded in eternal darkness

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