The Magic of Food and Drink A cooking overhaul by MisterB1969
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"There's a little bit of magic in everything around us, even the food we eat. "
I am taking a break from modding for a bit. However in the mean time I am playing skyrim, and working
on a new version of Magic of Food And Drink.

The Magic of Food & Drink

The magic of food and drink mod is a complete cooking overhaul mod. That changes the effects of food and drinks. It also increases the cost of food and adds new recipes to the game. This mod changes the food and drinks so that they are now buffs, these buffs generally provide a bonus to a particular regen rate. The way the mod has been designed allows you to have 1 health, stamina, and magicka regen buff at a time. Foods generally offer a buff with an equal amount of time in minutes that stays active. So a food that offers a +10% bonus, is usually good for 10 minutes. Though more hearty meals can extend that duration.

RAW FOODS: Eating raw foods, such as meat and vegetables have minimal effects. Providing a +5% buff bonus for only 5 minutes time. Vegetables also generally offer a Fortification effect.
BREADS: All provides provide a carry capacity bonus, and usually a Health Buff.
MEATS:  Meats are divided into Poultry/Fowl, Beef, and fish. Generally beef provides a health buff, poultry a stamina bonus, while fish can vary.
DAIRY: This includes Milk and most cheeses. These often provide a stamina or magicka buff, depending on the cheese.
FRUITS: Fruits effect Magicka almost completely, depending on how "Juicy" and satisfying I saw them being.
STEWS: Strews have various effects, but generally have multiple regen buffs, and fortifications.
PASTRIES: Pasties also have various effects, very similar to stews.
SKOOMA:  Skooma has been adjusted in price and the effects balanced against that. So skooma at the red water den is going to be really cheap stuff.
While skooma in other locations will be stronger and more expensive.

Flagon of Water. The Flagon is now a purchasable item in most Inns. Water provides a stamina buff. This item is not refillable.
Canis Tea.   Carrot Juice.   Snowberry Cidar.

Beef Sirloin,  Cooked Carrots,  Roasted Chicken Breast,  CanisTea,  Roasted Goat Leg,  Hoarker Steak,  Roasted Horse Flank,  Mammoth Ribs,  Roasted Pheasant,  Roasted Rabbit Haunch,  Smoked Salmon Steak,  Tomato Carrot Soup,  and Venison Steak.

Suggested Mods
Vitality ( ) is a mod that lets you adjust your regeneration rates if you want to explore a more survivalist version of Skyrim,and is perfect for the more powerful version of this mod.

Patches available for
Expanded Towns and City (ETAC)
Ineeds (so water provides a stamina buff)
The Great Nexus Skyrim Overhaul (edits the food there, to follow this mod)
Harvest Overhaul Creatures

Skyrim , all the DLC's and USLEEP.

This mod will work with most need mods, that do not effect the traits of the foods and drinks found in Skyrim such as Ineeds
and Super Simple Needs .
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul: For the Improved Version, I would deactivate the new recipes in CACO, so you can use the effects from this mod.
ETAC (Every town and city): Now has compatibility in the Optional Section.
Great Skyrim Nexus Overhaul : An essential compilation mod.

Load Order
Please make sure this mod is as low as possible on your load order, the auto-load order in the game will place this mod too high.

The credit for this goes to the creator of Cooking in Skyrim, wcpaeb. His cooking mod is ingenioius so if your look for an alternative to my
mod go check his out.