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This is a cooking overhaul, that changes the effects and properties of Food, Drink, and increases the chances to find more salt and other items. Improves the cost of food, and adds new recipes to the game.

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"There's a little bit of magic in everything around us, even the food we eat. "

The Magic of Food & Drink

The magic of food and drink mod is a complete cooking overhaul mod. That changes the effects of food and drinks. It also increases the cost of food and adds new recipes to the game. This mod changes the food and drinks so that they are now buffs, these buffs generally provide a bonus to a particular regen rate. The way the mod has been designed is to allow the player to have one food and one drink buff going at one time. Drinking or eating something new will override what you had before.

Raw Food:Raw foods provide nothing, as this mod was intended to be used with Ineeds in mind. Though you can use it with other need mods.
Bread: All forms of bread provide a limited carry capacity bonus, on top of a health benefit.
Meat:  Meats are divided into Poultry/Fowl, Beef, and fish. Generally beef provides a health buff, poultry a stamina bonus, while fish can vary.
Dairy:This includes Milk and most cheeses. These often provide a stamina or magicka buff, depending on the cheese.
Fruit: Fruits effect Magicka almost completely, depending on how "Juicy" and satisfying I saw them being.
Soup/Stew:Strews have various effects, but generally have multiple regen buffs, and fortifications. Stews and Soups last the longest of all foods.
Pastry/Treat:Pasties also have various effects, very similar to stews.
Skooma:  Skooma has been adjusted in price and the effects balanced against that. So skooma at the red water den is going to be really cheap stuff.
While skooma in other locations will be stronger and more expensive.

New Foods and Drinks
Flagon of Water.   Canis Tea.  Carrot Juice.   Snowberry Cidar.   Beef Sirloin,  Cooked Carrots,  Roasted Chicken Breast,  CanisTea,  Roasted Goat Leg,  Hoarker Steak,  Roasted Horse Flank,  Mammoth Ribs,  Roasted Pheasant,  Roasted Rabbit Haunch,  Smoked Salmon Steak,  Tomato Carrot Soup,  and Venison Steak, and Pork Steak.

Version 021518
This version introduces new stews for clams, pheasant, and rabbit. And you can now get meat from wolves and new recipes to go with that. I also completely repriced the food for more real to the core game system.

Suggested Mods
Vitality ( ) is a mod that lets you adjust your regeneration rates if you want to explore a more survivalist version of Skyrim,and is perfect for the more powerful version of this mod.

I strongly Recommend Ineeds as it is the most popular and easiest to learn of the needs mods.

Skyrim , all the DLC's and USLEEP.

The credit for this goes to the creator of Cooking in Skyrim, wcpaeb. His cooking mod is ingenioius so if your look for an alternative to my
mod go check his out.