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A dark, atmospheric player home in the Ratway for thieves, assassins, and morally questionable Dovakiins. Custom music, fully navmeshed, and flexible with a number of .ESPs to choose from to match your needs.

Permissions and credits
I am no longer maintaining Oldrim mods. Permissions are 100% open, do whatever you want.

The Basics
Nightshade Haven is a dark, atmospheric player home in the Ratway for thieves, assassins, and morally questionable Dovakiins. There is no sun-washed garden, no extravagant dining area, and absolutely no accommodations for children. This home was made to be practical. It has everything that a well-off rogue might need (most of which was "borrowed" during the Dovakiin's travels). Things have also been left a bit gritty, you might find a discarded skeleton or a bloody mess left on the kitchen floor. You are the Dovakiin after all, who has time to maintain a pristine house? Besides, you're in the Ratway, you probably are not seeking many visitors. This house was designed with consideration to the nature of a thief/assassin. Such a character might be trying to remain unseen and may be a bit paranoid (thus the eight thousand locks and chains on the front door). This home is meant to be secluded and away from prying eyes. There is a small bit of background story about this home that comes in the form of two notes (one right outside house, one inside) and one journal (by the statue outside). 

Fully navmeshed so your followers can frolic
17 tracks of custom music
SO MANY idle markers and things to sandbox
Lots of modders resources (many from the Witcher games) subtly integrated
Utilizes General Stores and General Displays (or a similar custom system with the vanilla version)
All crafting stations except a smelter and the staff enchanter
One guest bed for a follower
7 Mannequins, 1 weapon rack, 1 big weapon case, 1 dagger case (more in the vanilla version)
Static decor, you won't accidentally make a huge mess of things
Spooky Halloween decor options! Christmas on the way!

How do I get this house? Where is it?
To obtain this home you must enter the Ratway. Keep walking until you reach the circular room with the disappointing battleaxe on display (JUST KIDDING I removed that good riddance). Once you reach this area look around, there is something for you to loot. It will give you a bit of backstory on the previous residents of Nightshade Haven. Go through the gate to your right and check the mail bin (this part is kind of important). Then go forth and explore! Try not to track blood all over the carpets. 

Version 1 - I am using General Stores and General Displays
Dragonborn, Dawnguard, General Stores (the runtime version should work), and General Displays are required. You may optionally also get the General Displays patch called "General Stores Patch" if you want the treasures placed in General Stores containers to show up on the displays. If you don't get this file, you need to put your treasures (i.e. all your special shiny loots) into the lexicon in the treasure room or they won't appear on the displays. 

Version 2 - I am NOT using General Stores and General Displays
Dragonborn and Dawnguard are both required.

Halloween Update - The Spooky Scary Editions
Two Halloween .ESPs are available, one corresponding to each of the versions above. One requires General Stores and General Displays, one does not. These .ESPs are interchangeable with their non-Halloween counterparts. They share a name so you just only load one version at a time, but all of your goodies will remain in the house when you switch. It can be Halloween anytime! BE FREE MY CHILDREN!

Load Order
I don't think it should really matter unless you have another mod that edits the RiftenRatway01 cell (I can't think of any that do). Let LOOT handle the load order for General Stores and General Displays. As always I recommend using a TESVedit merged patch and a bashed patch to maximize game stability. 

The only existing cell I have made edits to is "RiftenRatway01" so unless you have another mod changing the first part of the Ratway then you will have no problems. If you do, just load mine last and maybe everything will work out...

ENB: In my video and images I am using a modified Project ENB and have my brightness turned down to nothingness. Your ENB will result in this home looking different. I have tested it both with and without ENB and think it works fine both ways, the choice is yours. I prefer the home to be dark and gloomy with lots of shadowy areas, so that's what you see here. 

Spouses & Rugrats: If you want your spouse to live here you will need to use a mod like Spouses Can Live Everywhere. As mentioned above, this home does not have accommodations for kids. It really is just not an appropriate environment to keep kids. If enough people (child abusers) really, passionately, will die without room for their kids in this house then I will consider adding it in an optional version. 

Sandboxing: If you would like followers and spouses to utilize the whole home please get this mod: Multiple Floors Sandboxing. The default sandboxing system in Skyrim uses a radius around the NPC that is not big enough to include a second floor. This mod fixes it! You don't need this, I just think it's nice to have NPCS not stuck on one floor. This will apply to your whole game, it's not an issue with this house or anything that I can change. 

To-Do: Teleport spell (Creation Kit won't compile scripts with Mod Organizer so that's being delayed...); optional version with more follower beds; optional patch to add Christmas decorations; add more information about the backstory of this house, and add a quest to lead the player to the house and to the notes/journals

All music used in this home was under a Creative Commons license. The artists featured in this house mod are Kai Engel, Blear Moon, and Alan Singley.

Modders Resources
Credit for custom models and textures goes to BadgremlinInsanitySorrowLolikyonyuOaristysTamiraTlaffoon, Lilith, Blary, TamiraSkyrimlazz, and Jokerine

Thank you a million times to Darkfox127. His tutorials have been invaluable! 

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