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An elf follower mod

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Attention please: This mod always require Dawnguard DLC and Dragonborn DLC

If there any other questions,look the change log before you ask me please,thank you and have fun!

Her story(I'm not good at English,haha ):

Luthwen is the granddaughter of Findis(The daughter of Noldor's first king Finw and his second wife Vanyar elf Indis.)She has Vanyar’s blonde
hair and blue eyes,she had been to Valinor with her family when she was a kid.As she grew up he showed an interest in magic and adventure,and bored with the days of peace in Valinor.After the downfall of Númenor,
Sauron's threat to world has become increasingly serious,Luthwen hided her true identity and went to The Middle earth to fight evil.There,she had ever learn magic from two Maiar:Gandalf and Saruman.And during the war,she had ever met lady of Galadriel,Elrond and Arwen,but they don't know her true identity.
Luthwen had in most battles in the end of the second age.In 3441 ,the battle of Mount Doom,she saw death of Gil-galad and Elendil with her own eyes,and Isildur's heroic.
 After the Council of the Wise had driven away Sauron from Dol Guldur in the third age,Luthwen had noticed Saruman's stand looks like been shaken,and she was also noticed by Saruman.In order to keep secret,Saruman exiled her to another unknow world by magic.So she was exiled to Nirn,traveled everywhere to find a powerful man to help her back to her world,one day,in drinking huntsman, she meet a man called"dragonborn"...............
I wish to get your screenshot if you like her


Thanks to Astra2000

make a backup of your game saves folder, where you can find your 2 INIs under your game user section, to pack them with WinRAR or 7-Zip or ... and you can test every Mod with clean saves. If you don't like a Mod after testing it - you can erase your saves folder after uninstalling the Mod and unpack the clean save you have packed (= backup) - easy or not!?! If you have mods with loose files in Mods included save before checking the folder scripts under Skyrim/Data/ 

[Change log]

Archer Version

Have upload an Archer version,make her as an archer(she may not heal you when she's using bow)

Re upload The UNPB version without HDT requires
I'm sorry about I have upload a file with wrong directory and have fixed it,It should be ok now.

V1.1 fixed and UNPB version without HDT requires

Have fixed the bug about some characters turn into "⬜⬜⬜⬜ ".
Added the original unpb version,now your game won't crashed when you took off her dress.

Origin----> V1.1

Delete her overpowered Lightning storm and perk"Atronach"(you won't see a magical blizzard around her anymore)
Add a script about heal player.Now,she is a good healer.she'll heal you once your HP is around 60%-70%.(sometimes it won't be in time when she is attacking enemy)
Reduced half of her armour rating.
(If you still think she is overpowered,add your comment please,I'll do some adjustments and rleased an optional esp)

Hope to get your screenshots if you like her!!

[Follower detail]
Name : Luthwen
Race : Eladr elf(Nord)
Level : 10 - No limit
Voice : Young Eager
Weight : 100
Default Armor :Elven Dresses 
Location : Drinking huntsman
Combat Style : She is the master of Destruction magic and Restoration.She can also use some conjuration magic.

Thanks for RedoranGuard-SkyrimBattles's video

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Any of the follower overhaul mods.
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Elven Dresses by Naihaan Kragnaidael
Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team
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