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UUNP Bodyslide Conversion of LordDarkElf's Lace Mini dress with edits by BringtheNoise

Permissions and credits
My first pubic released mod for skyrim it started out as a simple conversion of Lord Dark Elf's Black Lace MiniDress but its exploded it now has accessories a lot of them here is a list of what's in here atm. The project was a collaboration between BringTheNoise and me. There's a optional esp included that converts most if not all body slot items to count as nude for mods available elsewhere.
10 Dresses with 6 of them having 2 variants for a total of 22 dresses
6 Arm sleeves
6 Separate garter Belts
6 Separate flat footed stockings
6 Separate high heel stockings
6 Combined garter belts with flat footed stockings
6 Combined garter belts with high heel stockings
6 Sets of colored underwear
6 Separated bras
6 Separated panties
1 set of black high heel shoes
Plus light armor variants fully craftable/temperable of every sleeve, garter belt, garter belt with stockings, and the heels.
All of them have been converted to work with bodyslide and the weight slider with the addition of UUNP racemenu morphs they all can use in game morphing features. There are light armor variants of some of the dresses all the sleeves and the shoes not that its realistic but I really don't care. All items should have crafting recipes and all armor pieces should have temper recipes. I have slotted everything as follows. Heads up btw ive used very high
res textures for the sleeves/stockings.

Dresses 32
Sleeves 33
Garter Belt: 49
Garter w/ Stockings 49/53
Stockings 53
Shoes: 37
Underwear: 32
Bra: 46
Panties: 52

UUNP Morphs (for ingame morphs)
Race Menu (for ingame morphs and NiOverride High heel effects on the shoes)
HDT Physics Extentions
XPMSE Skeleton
Current Issues
Minor clipping near the thumbs on the sleeves ive tried and treid to fix it but I just dont know if i can. 
Credits And Thanks:
Vioxsis for the help he gave me fixing a few meshes
arison_c for the shoe meshes
Newmiller for the sleeve meshes and some of the textures used
BringtheNoise For the tutorial i used to finsh bringing this to UUNP Bodyslide and for the base meshes I used plus
all the support hes given me over the past almost week working on this
Lord Dark Elf for the great mashup which was offered in UNP and Dream Girl... I'm just bastardizing it into
Demonfet with HDT weights.
So strait from LDE's Nexus page (
Petrovich for Dream Girl body and short dress mesh (from DG leather clothes), you can get it here:
Dimon99 for UNP body, SDress resource and SFW bikini underwear meshes (from DIMONIZED UNP body), you can get it
here: http://www.nexusmods...rim/mods/6709/?
cramlow for the original black lace underwear retexture, you can get it here:
DanielTDrea for the original TBBP meshes
Last but not least, thanks to:
Caliente (and team) for Outfit Studio
Bethesda for skyrim
Niftools for NifSkope
This uses assets from other mods, so as long as you are staying true to the permissions of the mods above, you can
convert, re-texture or anything else you might want but please make sure you give credit to whoever is listed for the mesh/texture you use and do get permission from those folks first. Most of this is under a open licence the only meshes I know that arnt is the sleeves.

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