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Patch between Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul and Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.

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Love Ordinator? Love CACO? Now you can have both!

If you prefer the CACO tree, use the main file. It will fix the compatibility issues between the two mods.

If you prefer the Ordinator tree, use the optional file. It uses the Ordinator tree but adds in the crafting unlocks from CACO. This way you get Ordinator's balance with CACO's new recipes and changes. There are a few minor tweaks as detailed below to maintain balance.

For either option always load CACO after Ordinator.

There can be only one!

Main File - Fixes compatibility issues. Full CACO tree, lose out on Ordinator perks.
Optional File - Fixes compatibility issues. Full Ordinator tree with CACO functionality. Recommended!

  • Deep Freeze effects carried over from Ordinator.
  • Catalyst perk added to respec script from Ordinator.
  • Feed the Monster perk from the Conjuration tree of Ordinator now uses Raw Hominid Meat.

Merged Tree Changes:

  • Physician - Create poultices, tonics, and healing salves. Health regenerates 15% faster. You may choose a type of beneficial potion: Health, Magicka or Stamina. Potions you mix that restore or fortify the chosen attribute are 50% stronger.
  • Poisoner - Poisons you mix are 0.5% more powerful per level of Alchemy.
  • World Serpent (Catalyst) - Create explosive concoctions and specially formulated toxins. After a shout retaliate with a powerful poisonous strike that deals 50 points of poison damage over 10 seconds.
  • Pure Mixture - All negative effects are removed from created potions, and all positive effects are removed from created poisons. Beneficial potions you create now weigh less.
  • Witch Master (Anatomist) - Extract and preserve the potent properties available in blood and organs allowing you to tap the hidden essence. When you use a beneficial potion or ingredient, 50% chance to receive a powerful side effect, randomly chosen from a range of 40 side effects.
  • Chymical Wedding (Chymist) - Refine ingredients, create purified extracts and essences, and distill potions to concentrate their effects. Witchmaster side effects have 50% chance to cause side effects themselves.
  • Snakeblood - Consuming ingredients allows you to gradually become more proficient at detecting their subtle properties. Your resistance to poisons and toxicity increases with the number of ingredients you consume.
  • Naturalist - Increased chance of harvesting additional ingredients from flora.
  • Lab Skeever (Field Alchemist)- For 20 seconds after using any alchemy lab, beneficial potions you drink last 15 times longer. Create 50% more effective potions in the field using just a mortar and pestle.
  • Bottomless Cup - All poisons you create now weigh less. Poisons applied to weapons last longer, up to 3x as long at 100 Skill.
  • Still ASIS Friendly


For a new game just follow the install instructions for Ordinator and CACO, then install this patch. Enjoy.
For an existing game make sure all of your perk points are refunded then install. Enjoy.


Load Order:
Ordinator Patches
CACO Patches

Loot Rule:
Comple Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp Load After Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp


Refund all of your perks, remove this patch.

Should be compatible with anything CACO and Ordinator are compatible with.

This is just a mashup of other people's hard work, thank them for bringing you these awesome mods.
EnaiSiaion - Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
kryptopyr - Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
Mator - Automation Tools for TES5Edit