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Lamplight Cottage is a multiple adoption friendly playerhome next to Half-Moon Mill.

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Lamplight Cottage is named after the little path that leads to the home that is illuminated by several lamp posts. It's a cozy, multiple adoption friendly playerhome between Half-Moon Mill, the Lady Stone and Ilinalta's Deep. If anything else from another mod is in this place then that is most likely not compatible with this mod. It has six child beds, two unowned beds for followers, all smithing stuff, oven, alchemy table, enchanter and several safe storages. There is a woodchopping block outside, a little garden and two chickens. The home has all nine shrines, plus Shrine of Nocturnal. All of the things are static, you can't move them. Requires all three DLCs.

To be able to bring your family here use the Bless Home spell that comes with TMPhoenix's Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod:

No, I won't make two child beds and six follower beds, if you don't like it, download another house mod.

Note: unfortunately it seems when you exit the house you can't immediately fast travel because of the slaughterfish in the lake. But the little path takes you from the bridge to the road next to Half-Moon Mill where you can fast travel. 


Version2: cupboard fixed, bathroom added
Version3: plantable garden and christmas tree added
Version5: bsa added

Big thanks to The World of RipX for the mod review video in the comments, and pixelgamerch for the video in the videos menu. :)