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Replacer for 8 killmove animation

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Replacer for 8 killmove animation
3 for Sword (no. 1,4,5), 4 for Dual wield Sword (no.1,2,3,5), 1 for Greatsword (no.4), 1 for Mace/Axe (no.5), 2 for Unarmed (no.6,7), 1 for Sneak (no.8)

You can assign any of that 8 .hkx files to replace each other by renaming it or use Violens to assign each animation to any weapon/stance you desire, trigger 100% chance for the move to play, change camera view, etc. Or just drop to Data folder  see what changes.

Video for version 0.2
Video for version 0.1

File name and Violens name:

1. paired_1hmkillmovei.hkx (STAB SLASH) for Sword and dual wield sword

2. paired_1hmkillmoveshortb.hkx (GRAB STAB) for Dual wield sword

3. paired_2hmkillmovestaba.hkx (STAB LIFT UP) for Greatsword

4. paired_1hmkillmovebackstab.hkx for Sword will play if enemy killed from behind


5. paired_1hmkillmovef.hkx (CHARGE) for Shield or Mace or Axe or Sword or Dual wield

6. paired_h2hkillmoveslama.hkx (SLAM) for Unarmed

7. paired_h2hkillmovecomboa.hkx (COMBO) for Unarmed

8. paired_1hmsneakkillbacka.hkx


v0.4 Doesnt add new animation, i just replace 1 file trensferred from my  unarmed killmove mod

Installation use NMM

Unknown issues: this will only works in 3rd person view first person kill cam will look bad, install requirements Violens to make it only play third person kill cam.
Open configuration menu
1. Choose Camera View only third person
2. Choose Costumize Weapon, See details in list above and check this in Violence:
- Stab Slash
- Grab Stab
- Stab Lift Up
- Charge
- Combo
- Slam

General issues: It might shows weird pose while play in non flat surface or uneven ground

Note: Few folks experienced problems like the weapons and scabbards are flopped by 180° and the scabbards often freefloat ten inches away from the player`s body.

Thanks to Masterchris for tutorial and rigs
Sorry if u get dizzy viewing that unusual description, here`s a gif in colors