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  1. TheModernStoryteller
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    I've moved on from modding to professional game development, but feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or Youtube and visit my webpage for news!

    If you encounter any issues, remember to check the FAQ and the "KNOWN BUGS AND WORKAROUNDS" thread in the forums.
    If your bug is not reported there, please post it in the "BUG REPORTS" thread.

    Please don't post spoilers here without appropriate spoiler warnings.
  2. SpaceCatdet
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    Had to leave a comment acknowledging how much I enjoyed this mod. The writing, music, level design, voice acting, EVERYTHING was so well done. Thank you!
  3. cumcum80
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    Awesome, absolutely awesome!
    Thanks for this ingenious mod! :)
  4. Frokigrub
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    A very wonderful and excellent mod. The music, the story and the idea of time travelling is just epic. 10/10
  5. Broombrooer836
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    A fellow Aussie did this? On ya!
  6. pakes2
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    It seems the music from forgotten city is taking priority over vanilla music.  l loved the music while in Forgotten city but once out of the city I would like vanilla music to play as well. Is there a way I can enjoy both? I am of course talking about the music while free-roaming the countryside. I have disabled Forgotten city and checked my save and vanilla music was playing again but I dont want to play with the mod disabled.
    1. tenaciousmucus
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      I don't think there is a way to have both soundtracks at the same time, but I had the same problem after completing Forgotten City. FC music would randomly play instead of the vanilla sound track, some times both would be playing at the same time...
      I found a Reddit post about this issue where the Mod Author actually replied with a fix! Apparently it's not an uncommon bug and unfortunately he has no fix for it other than using console commands. See post HERE?. So while you can't have both soundtracks, you can at least re-enable Forgotten City...

      In short, when you start hearing the music outside of Forgotten City, open the console and type these commands:
      removemusic 000FCMUSDread
      removemusic 000FCMUSExplore
      removemusic 000FCMUSDiscovery
      removemusic 000FCMUSCombat
      removemusic 000FCMUSArbiterMotif
      removemusic 000FCMUSArbiter
      removemusic 000FCMUSJudgment
      removemusic 000FCThrivingCity
      removemusic 000FCMUSDreadHighPriority
      You really only need to type the command for the track that is playing, but if you aren't sure which one just try all of them.
      Just go through each of these commands until the music stops. If there are multiple instances of the music in your game then you may need to use these multiple times. Most people said they had to spam the commands multiple times to get it to stop.
      For me it was the "Explore" track and I only had to type it on 2 separate occasions and the track slowly faded out and back to vanilla music.

      FYI: the "removemusic" command doesn't remove it from the game, just the zone you are in, so the music should still work fine if you return to Forgotten City.
  7. Djsuter
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    So, I'm not sure why, but the Old man's note isn't spawning in his inventory, or anywhere near him. I even tried tcl to clip under him... nothing. I know its optional, but I don't want to miss any info!
  8. mmajstor
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    Thank you, thank you....this is so good. Best Skyrim story ever! And music is a masterpiece.

    I just didn`t like the jumping sequence in abandon temple and problems with infinite screen after I went out in Skyrim.
  9. Starley777
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    is it possibel to complete the story in one go? undeground fight with nord for his armour plate - still detected like crime and resets time again
  10. Gabrielvgomes
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    this experience made me feel trapped, but it is very good, mainly due to the fact that the feeling of achievement that it gave me when I left, and I do not want to go back there, a pity that Inigo does not comment on things that are not vanilla.
  11. mateuschtrindade
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    I'm 5 years late, but, thank you for this mod. I really enjoy it.