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  1. TheModernStoryteller
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    I've moved on from modding to professional game development, but feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or Youtube and visit my webpage for news!

    If you encounter any issues, remember to check the FAQ and the "KNOWN BUGS AND WORKAROUNDS" thread in the forums.
    If your bug is not reported there, please post it in the "BUG REPORTS" thread.

    Please don't post spoilers here without appropriate spoiler warnings.
  2. phillipallenk
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    Well, don't I look silly as hell.  I recall having tried this mod a good while ago.  It struck me as excruciatingly dull, pointless and boring.  If I remember correctly, I just TCLd my way back up the well entrance, deactivated the mod and went on with my life.  How wrong I was!!!

    This time, I tried to give it a fair chance.  I followed all the hints, the directions, etc. and finally found my way to what turned out to be the best ending of them all.  Wow!  What a phenomenal mod.  After that first, failed try, I was bewildered as to how this mod could have won such important awards; how it could have received such glowing reviews.  Now, I understand completely.  This mod is one of the very best I've done.

    I use the following word very rarely.  I believe the mod Clockwork is one of the only other mods I've so designated.  But this mod is, hands down, without question or doubt, a perfect MASTERPIECE.  The very fact that it is possible to guide your PC into several different endings is, in itself, a sign that an extraordinarily great deal of profound thought went into the creation of this mod.  And it shows -- if you give it a chance.

    Is it absolutely perfect?  I don't believe any mod I've encountered can be classified as "perfect".  But this one comes very, very close.  Now, I'm not sure, but perhaps there are other potential quest lines within the branching story structure of this mod that allows for this, but I would have liked, perhaps, the ability to enjoy a romance sub-story.  Perhaps even the ability to become jarl of this town.  But since I've not run every possible outcome, for all I know, these story sub-arcs do indeed exist; I've simply yet to find them.  But I fully intend to explore this mod until I've unlocked every story line and ending this brilliant author has provided us.

    So, thank you very kindly, Modern Storyteller.  You have exceeded the greatest expectations of us all.  Again, you have created an absolute MASTERPIECE, a mod that will be remembered in years to come, long after most other mods will have fallen into oblivion.
  3. BerlinChamp
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    Are there any spiders?
  4. lorenidad
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    Great mod, I have just completed it. Didn't take me too long because as soon as I met the Jarl I thought hehehe what if I kill him what's gonna happen and then the quest was over
  5. srgtofstomp
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    It was long, convoluted and annoying. TY for the effort, and that once I figured out all I had to do was trigger a "event" over and over again for infinite money from farming the circlets off of you know who as many times as I wanted. TY for the effort but this was not at all my cup of tea.
  6. dacomputernerd
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    Great mod. Official DLC quality.

    Thanks dev team for your efforts!
  7. coffey50
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    What a great mod.  I wish I could vote/endorse now but hopefully posting helps keep it on the radar.  Thanks to the creator for this gem.
  8. laracroft4sakn
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    I get the message, I go to the marker on the map called 'Forgotten Ruins' and also 'Lost Sanctuary' they are overlapping. When I go there in the waterfall I get teleported to the middle of vanilla skyrim?
    1. MOB2
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      Hi, I just uploaded a patch precisely for this issue here.
  9. philyburkhill
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    Still a great mod all these years later. The only complaints I have are that the mod never took into account a Dragonborn using ethereal shout, which allows you to navigate the radiation without damage or taking the suit. Which leads to some strange conversation options, as the author never accounted for you getting to the arbiter in such a way. I'd also have liked a little bit more change to the city itself in the post-quest situation.

    Still well worth playing, I'd just avoid solving the radiation problem with ethereal shout if you're playing for the first time!
  10. Xtudo
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  11. Drakulle
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    Hi. The game is freezing. I think that a video would be start (not sure). I tried to find other ways and I try to do other thinks, but the only coincidence in all times, was its start at one/two minutes after Miranda (?) advice about the Looter man...