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Ayleid themed home/town in it's own worldspace just south of Falkreath. Features shops, merchants, buyable home(s) , gardens, pools and recreation areas, all uniquely designed, follower and adoption friendly.

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Ayleid Citadel

Ayleid themed town in it's own worldspace the entrance is just south of Falkreath (see map in the image section) Features the Crystal Palace at the centre, inner courtyard with the lord's chamders and barracks, outer courtyard with market stalls, shops and recreation areas (There's a pic in the image section showing the layout)

Requires all DLC's
Hearthfire multiple adoptions required to move your family in (Cast the "Bless Home" spell)

The Palace itself is free to access as soon as you get there but you have the option of buying the Lord's Chambers for 80,000 gold. Buying the Lord's chambers will also grant you access to the "Vault"

You also have the option to purchase a small player home just beyond the outer courtyard for 15,000 if you dont have enough for the Lord's chambers yet. You can also stay in one of the rooms at the Tavern for free.

You can move in your wife and kids, but the kids won't have a place to sleep until you purchase the Lord's chambers

The Crystal Palace - Throne / Dining hall, kitchen, crafting/smithing stations, Reading Room, Pool
Lord's Chambers - Connected to main Palace, Master bedroom, Kids room (6 beds), Dining area, pool
Barracks - Connected to main Palace, (20 beds)
Vault - Access behind throne, Mannequins, Display Cases, Loads of chests, Displays for unique items
Citadel Home - Small player home availabe for purchase
Alchemy & Magic shop
General Goods Shop
Blacksmith shop
Tavern - Bakery, dining, Rooms (9 beds)
Fletcher market stall outside
Outside food shop with dining area
Fish Hatchery
Auto undressing for NPC's at pools

There are currently 35 NPC's consisting of
Guards/Archers (also followers)

German Translation by Anubis85

Note: The Ayleid interiors are not ported from oblivion, they are original creations by Halofarm.

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