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This is a step by step tutorial that explains everything you need to know to create your own MCM, or Mod Configuration Menu.

Permissions and credits
This tutorial is for anybody struggling to make their first Mod Configuration Menu for Skyrim. If you’re like me, you read through the MCM quickstart guide and still said to yourself, “wait, what? I still don’t understand.” The only way I figured how to make an MCM was to look at MCM scripts from other mods, (which is a good way to learn how to do things btw.) So I made this tutorial, which will guide you through step by step what you need to do to create your own MCM.

This tutorial assumes you have some basic knowledge of papyrus scripting. If you don’t already, go and do Cipscis’s scripting tutorial first.

Before starting the tutorial, you need to install

- The Sky_UI SDK files 

Otherwise your MCM script won’t compile. Make sure the version of the Sku_UI SDK you install matches the version of Sky_UI you have installed. To keep things simple you should just install the latest versions of both.

The download has the tutorial in HTML format, it should open in your default browser.
You can also just view it HERE if you want.
Note that some of the spacing got messed up with the comments in the script portion. All comments are green and should have a ; symbol in front of them if actually used in a script.

It also has the main MCM Test Final script. The source psc script, not the pex script, which doesn't have the comments in it. You'll have to compile it yourself.

The tutorial assumes you are a complete beginner so it will explain literally everything. Sorry if it's longwinded, I just wanted to make sure nothing was left out.

This tutorial will show you how to make an MCM that looks like the screenshots I uploaded, but will also explain a bunch of other things along the way.

If you have questions feel free to leave a post, If I can't answer it maybe someone else will be able to.

Recommended Mod
For compiling scripts, I prefer to use Skyrim Script Editor Pro as it has a lot of features which make scripting easier.

My Mods with MCM's
As with all my mods, the source code is included.

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Unique Dovahkiin - Skill randomization and scaling

My Other Mods
Charge or Fill - Spells
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A BIG thanks to the SKSE and Sky_UI teams. Without them Skyrim modding would not be the same.

Shameless Self Promotion
For those still reading, and who are interested. I'm a musician. Here are some projects I'm in. Check em out :) and as always, happy modding!

Petals of Spain
Genre: Retro Rock/Pop

Other Black
Genre: Soul/R&B/Hip Hop

Genre: Experimental/Jazz

Tickle Mafia
Genre: Jazz/Disco/Burlesque

Genre: 80's Synth Pop