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A New attack animation package for Nordic newbie. Now you can enjoy the martial art which is origin in ancient Korea and of course in Japan and China. Be the true Blades member, use forgotten legacy.

Permissions and credits

One-handed version:

updated: 1 handed totally a new animation is added. Check on files! and read carefully about two notes below before download it.

note 1: it contains 'forward movement', 'left right run', 'block and power block' as well.

most compatible wield  weapon speed : 1.4 by console ( player.forceav weaponspeedmult 1.4) 1.0 is vanilla speed.

'Such an Important'
note 2: you should know that all 1 handed weapon types share the movement and wield motions. So, if you want it as standalone use you have to 
use latest version of 'PCEA' mod
                                                                         (It is linked below, )

Two-handed version:

updated to 1.2 version check on the files and two videos 

some additional motions and instruction for speeding up your swing.

'side attack contains some spin movement' v1.1

'no spin' version  v1.2


 Demo Video(old version)

watch my video in Youtube at high resolution.
(weaponspeed is 1.0 which is vanilla speed) - you can boost up your weaponspeed by console 'player.forceav weaponspeedmult 1.4'

sparring with Vilja

OSEA(동양검술모드) contains two-handed and one-handed sword art animation packages.
Now you can play oriental swordsmanship with two-handed swords and one-handed weapon as well. These animations are mostly fit for using the curved single-edge sword(Blade).  Of course, your foes who is holding two-handed heavy sword or dagger can do so called 'ancient martial art' as well.
SO! beware that! and don't be startled when you got hit by rapid slash. Of course, it is not lore-friendly animation at all.

* the files will change only 'attack animations' it is nothing to do with drawing sword, sheathing or moving, etc. 
Thank you for reading and don't forget to endorse it :D! 


- Skyrim

Recommended mods

Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS by fore: you may stuck in unknown errors such as CTD or motion bugs after installation. if it does,  run the FNIS to stable your animations. Highly recommended. The author will update improved version and it can switch Vanilla motions to mine fluently. 

YY Anim Replacer - Zweihander by yukl : it is very suitable with two handed motions 
and bunch of HDT wear that whatever you want.

YY Anim Replacer - Mystic Knight by yukl : nice 1 handed animations in my demo. recommended combination with my attack animation

FNIS PCEA2 by fore : FNIS PCEA2 (Player Character Exclusive Animations, 2nd generation) allows you to define animations which are dedicated to the player only. Highly recommended If you want to play the animations exclusively for non-lorefriendly action. 

PC Exclusive Animation Path by xp32 : Same with above, option2
who only want to play animations alone as PC user: you must download this mod!
*PCEA mod may not work well in combat animations so if you need to use it only for user custom animation, you should know how to use PCEA properly 


1. backup your .hkx files in Data/Meshes/actors/character/animations in case of roll-back to vanilla motions.
2. use NMM or manually paste Data folder into your Skyrim folder and overwrite it when the message shows up.
3. run FNIS if it is available or if you think everything is just fine, skip FNIS part and run the game. 
4. if the speed of wielding is bit slow for you and have slippery step problem, simply modify the weapon speed with console. Press ` key and type 'player.forceav weaponspeedmult 1.4' would be fine.(Default is 1.0) 

uninstall: use NMM again or you can manually find those xx.hkx files in animations folder and remove it , take contexts in zip folder(which is uploaded) as guideline.



Q: Can you make only dovahkiin use this motion?

A: no, I can't do scripting or else. There's a mod which named 'PCEA' that you can use for standalone animations.

Q: I applied this animation and my character is moving like ...scarecrow! what should I do?

A: Use FNIS. Look up the rink ahead.

Q: is it samurai action?

A: Well. :[,  I can not deny it. cause I learn Korean swordsmanship and also Japanese Kendo as well. I ..just mixed them and yes, at some part, improvised motions something not really existed.  Above all, I'm Korean and that is not boundary to use such Samurai actions. Actually, ancient Korean swordsmanship is barely surviving after Joseon Dynasty. We lost many cultural festivals and martial art after passing so many wars and invasion by near country lol. Whereas, Japan is well known for Samurai and China is also for Kung fu.  I refer to everything related to Asian Swordsmanship and some fantasy.

*****ps: I already let know you guys that I referred samurai actions, kung fu, and bonguk geom. Even I put all the details on it, someone still sent me very disrespectful email without getting my answer. Sorry for my bad English.
Here is some list that I referred to made my motions. 
please refer to the list if you want some dispute.
 Not East Asia means only Korea. Certainly nothing to do with my Nationality and I want to break down misunderstanding( I don't get why misunderstanding occur even I cleared the air before but here is an additional information)Nations of East Asia
East Asia means: Some guys need study. :[  

About history of swordsmanship in East Asia what I referred:
About motion capture info(there were so many more, but I lost some links and these are just example) -Korea Bonguk Geom -Japan animation - kendo China Wushu
and so on.. Not recorded here much.

Q: what about hammer and battleaxes motions?

A: Two-handed attack animations are separated in two category. One is two-handed sword which is I made, and the other is two-handed axes animation. So don't think about hammering with Eastern weird motion.

Q: One-handed action problem, are those all weapon types in 1 handed animation share my motions?

A: Sadly yes. But you can do it alone and with only blades by mods PCEA2 or PCEA (two of the mods are made by different author.)

made by cyh0405.  contact me [email protected] with new issue. or you can feedback on this section
special thanks to 렛미원 who taught me how to use 3ds max for animation modding. 
Not allowed for any modification to commercial exploitation , motions only can be changed for your own playing.