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A UNP body mod pack that is any Nexus user can view! Nothing here is nude. Say "no" to pixelated ladybits!

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SFW Body Mod [UNP]
Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.


I've noticed all skin texture packs and all body mods in Nexus are nude! BY THE GODS?! WHY?
Not that I get a panic attack seeing some pixelated ladybits, but I thought there are plenty of people who want to get better female textures and improved female body meshes (especially feet and hands) without having to browse through close-up images of digital sexual organs. 

So I took UNP SFW Bikini meshes (free permissions) and combined them with.. Safe-For-Workified (YES IT IS A WORD!) SG Female Texture Renewal textures (free permissions).

So basically you're in no risk of seeing any NPC's lady parts, even if for some reason you edit the body mesh to remove the bikini. 
All veejaynay stuff and nipples have been painted over in the textures.

There are at least 2 advantages in this:

#1 Anyone can see this mod even if they are not allowed to see adult files (there is 0 nudity in this mod unless you wilfully modify it heavily 
(like remove the bikini from the femalebody nif, and even then you won't be able to see nipples or detailed veejaynay. Minors can now download a body mod without lifetime of trauma from seeing nudity.

#2 Your spouse/friend/mom/SO/pet won't look at you all weirdy like when you browse female textures in Nexus and catch you "looking" at close up of female pubic hair.


Mod includes the normal UNP body, with a black bikini, and all female textures (faces, body and race normal maps, mouth, old women)

For better normal maps for female elves' faces, download this from hellosanta: (no, you don't need ECE)


Install with your mod manager of choice. Overwrite if it asks.

To make your armour match the new body, download UNP armour meshes by exeter:

UNP Vanilla Armours
UNP Dawnguard Armour
UNP Dragonborn Armours

Some UNP armours I recommend:

Zzjay's wardrobe
Witcher 3 armours
My Assassin Armour (shameless plug)
Northgirl Armour
Triss outfit (also get the UNP meshes here)
Eldrids Armour Mashup
Elven Armours 1 and Elven Armour 2
Demon Hunter Armour

I claim no ownership over these files, I triple checked the permissions on both UNP mesh page, FemFeet page and SG female textures. 
Should someone however have something against me uploading this pack to Nexus, let me know ASAP and you will get no protest from me, I will take the file down immediately. I made this pack only to give those who can't or don't want to browse adult and skimpy files an opportunity to get a body mod and nice female textures. 

If there is someone else who deserves a link and a credit for some of these files, let me know and I'll add it here right away.
NOTE THAT LINKS BELOW ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK !! They are adult rated files!
I need to link to them according to permission details of the files

Body: DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
Textures: SG Female Textures Renewal by hellosanta
Feet: FemFeet by Phygit