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This is a compilation of small tweaks to improve the experience of Agent of Righteous Might

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These patches are no longer supported. You can still use them, but I will be unable to assist with any issues. Consider it a modders resource.

Typo Fix

This fixes several typos in books, dialogue and quest text. Please report of you find any I have missed.

Ma'Dato Merchant Chest tweak

Mainly aimed at users of Morrowloot and the like. This changes the items the Khajiit Ma'Dato has to sell. I found his default inventory to be a little bit too overwhelming, especially at the beginning of a playthrough.

Chapel of Stendarr Tweak

This tweak moves the Chapel (that starts the quest) to the outskirts of Winterhold, to make sure it's compatible with most city mods that overhaul Winterhold (JK, ETaC, etc).

In addition to that, I added some Stendarr statues to increase immersion.

I also made the lights inside the Shrine a little brighter.

Easier Lighting Fires

This makes it easier for you to complete the start quest in which you need to light the fires. I reduced the amount to 2 Deadra Hearts and 3 bowl of Vampire Dust (down from 10 each). I found this better as it quite hard to get 10 Daedra Hearts, especially at the beginning of the game.

Note: Unfortunately, I can't do anything about the spoken lines, so the text will say the correct amount, but the voice will still say 10. sadly, there's nothing to do about that.

Notice Board

This lets you start the quest via the Notice Board, instead of a courier. I included an optional file which only shows the letter when you're level 40 or higher.

Also included: patches for my Chapel of Stendarr tweak.

If you use any other mods that add new notes to the Notice Board, you should make a Bashed Patch.

Merged Version?

There no longer is a merged version, because of all the different combinations possible. You can still merge it yourself using the TES5Edit script or the Merge Plugins standalone application.
Just make sure you load the Agent of Righteous Might - Notice Board as last esp, when you merge.


dree74 - For Agent of the Righteous Might

Edhildil - For Stendarr Statue Modders Resource

mannygt - For Notice Board

Bethesda - For making Skyrim and the CK

The entire Skyrim modding community - For being awesome <3