About this mod

Medium sized cozy home with unique custom landscaping that you can view through your house's windows! No load doors within home.

Permissions and credits


Pale Marsh Manor is a player home located in the Pale. The entrance is just East of Dawnstar, along the coast. Hidden away for time unknown, an entrance has recently opened to allow access to a curious marshy valley among the mountains. Red water bubbles out from springs in the marsh, causing unusual changes to the local flora. What better place to make a quiet living?

This is my first mod. I very much appreciate feedback, but please be considerate.


  • No load doors within the marsh - watch the leaves fall and the water run from any window in the house
  • Day and night cycle significantly effects interior lighting, as you might expect
  • Typical crafting stations: cooking pot, alchemy lab, enchanter, smithing area
  • Two bedrooms, master and guest
  • Custom displays for several unique items (bug jars, hold shields)
  • New meshes and furniture
  • Hearthfire planters
  • Potion rack display
  • Lots of bookshelves
  • Fully navmeshed to support followers, with many idle markers


Screenshots taken with Rampage ENB.

I recommend Multiple Floors Sandboxing if you want your followers to wander to the upper floors on their own/while relaxing. They can still follow you without it.

Followers will not go to the second story of the alchemy building. Not happening. No followers allowed.

This house uses many custom meshes and is somewhat large, and thus may be a bit too intense for weaker computers.


A huge thank you to KANRAx2 for the original house meshes and textures.

Elianora for decorations/clutter and furniture
Oaristys and Tony67 for decorations/clutter
Blary for decorations/clutter and furniture
stoverjim for open book textures
Tamira, Stroti, JBVW,  Riley Marks, and Lycanthrops for food, dishes, and clutter
BrettM for decorations/clutter and furniture
lolikyonyu for decorations/clutter and furniture
Jokerine  for decorations/clutter and furniture
InsanitySorrow  for decorations/clutter and furniture
Lilith for decorations/clutter and furniture
Hanaisse for decorations/clutter and furniture
Ghaunadaur for Potion Rack tutorial
Sjogga on the Nexus forums for their great tutorial for creating displays (used for bug jars, shields)
En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole Studio for TERA Online assets.  Used with the express permission of the En Masse Entertainment Public Relations Department.