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Outlaw cat follower "Mifune-san"

Hissa's work than "HS-CAT"

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Outlaw cat follower "Mifune-san"
Hissa's work than "HS-CAT"

<<Change log>>
Ver.1.04 (2015/11/01)
・Add "Spell Tome:Ride to Mifune"
・Add Deathblow "Mifuzanko"

!!Those who have gotten introduced the previous version
  The introduction by the following procedure please.
  1. Mifune-san and the farewell to save.
  2. save on you uninstall the previous version.
  3. installing this version.
  4. Load the data of Step 1.
 5. Spell Tome:Ride to Mifune(This Spell will be riding him on The mifune-san.)

  Per Faendal is divided firewood.
  The equipment for Mifune-san will is put in front of the nearby log.
  * Fish sausage (Chikuwa Shield)
  * Lantern (Lantern Shield)
  * Potion Case (Potion Shield)
  * Barrel (Barrel Shield)

1.Riding possible
  You can talk to the talk from the front of Mifune-san.
  You can ride to Mifune-san, From his side or back.
 [Operation at the time of riding]
    * Jump : Jump button
    * Attack : Shout button
  Mifune-san is not damaged even if dropped from a high place
2.Weak Skeevers
3.Cabbage, tomatoes, and see the sweetrolls
  It will blow away
4.While Mifune is equipped with a potion case
  For us to recover the potion in the vicinity.
  The recovered potion will be added to the inventory.
5.When Mifune is swimming, it caught the near there are salmon.
  "Raw Salmon" will be added to the inventory.
6.While Mifune-san is equipped with a barrel, and Player's Health cut 60%
  He will cast Gurdian Circle.
7.When surrounded by the two bodies or more of the enemy,
  deathblow to blow around the enemy "Mifuzanko" will activate.

1.those who have been introduced multiple-friendly walk MOD the follower is
  Please adjust the load order so that this MOD will come earlier than those of the MOD.
2.Is not good compatible with the "Convenient Horses".

!!Classified information
1.You should not be called at the same time two bodies or more Mifune-san.

<<Required mods>>
SKSE 1.7+(http://skse.silverlock.org/)

HS-Cat Hissa
Ultimate Knee - Ponzu
Chikuwa by Higeyoshi
Sakepon v0.1 by Inuwarashi
Lolicept Resources by LOLICEPT
Bridget Follower by Yakisoba-pan