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A large, multi-part dungeon with a fully-voice acted quest, unique and varied locations, bosses, quest rewards, and more. Submission to the Reddit dungeons contest.

Permissions and credits
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DDProductions83 - Mattiewagg - BigBizkit - JoyTrooper - Skinnytecboy
Di0nysus - Simsim899 - Elianora -

aka Association of Radical Skyrim Engineers (ARSE)

#1 Winner of  
dungeon competition




Molag Bal's Inferno is a multi-level dungeon mod that takes place in a hellish Daedric realm, featuring 8 new dungeons
complete with enemies, bosses, special rewards, and an overarching quest.

This mod was made for the 4th r/skyrimmods modding contest by multiple authors, in just under 5 weeks.
Each part of the Inferno was created by a different modder.


Mattiewagg - Quest Implementation, Scripting, Hook-up, Writing
Elianora - Limbo
DDproductions83 - Anger, Engineering, Creative Director, Dante Boss Fight
BigBizkit - Greed
Di0nysus - Heresy, Fraud Boss, Music
horrorgun - Treachery
simsim899 - Violence, Last Minute NifSkope Wizard
JoyTrooper - Fraud
Skinnytecboy - Lust, Music, General Sexiness

The voice actors all did an exceptional job in acting and speed, so a big thanks to them!

Voice Actors

Phizzer - Molag Bal
Vulon - Dante
skinnytecboy - Charon, Claudius, Helpful Ghost, Lust NPCs
JazzieDubs - Virilya
Chromic - Evesa
anonymous - Yilmaz, Daryn
Mattiewagg - Lucy
Robberfox - All female Lust NPCs

And, aside from the already-composed music we have used, we also had a bit of custom music made too! Thanks to Yutface, Di0nysus and Skinnytecboy.

Installation / Uninstallation

To install 1.51, install BOTH main files, with the greed patch overwriting the other file. Uninstallation is typical mod uninstallation.


See the Permissions/Credits tab for full info.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start the quest/get to the Inferno?
A: As seen in the images section, go to the gate to the Inferno, located in the mountains near Solitude. Once at the gate, speak to Virilya (who is located right by the gate).

Q: I keep dying!!!!
A: While this mod is possible to complete at a lower level, it's recommended that you play at a decent level. Exactly what that level is depends on your mods and game setup.
If you're having a lot of trouble with it, it's recommended that you come back at a later level, or get some better equipment.

Q: I'm stuck at a puzzle/spot/etc.
A: If it seems like an actual bug, please report it here. However, if you just can't figure out the puzzle, look here and if there hasn't been a walkthrough of the puzzle yet, then ask.