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A collection of my Skyrim characters, for use with RaceMenu

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KS Hairdos (Latest Version)
Eyes of Beauty
Race Menu


High Res Vanilla Warpaint (This is what I personally use)
XCE - Warpaint and Dirt

Freckle Mania


No Vampire Sunken Face for ECE
Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes


Just download with manager, or install manually as you normally would with most other mods. Type showracemenu into the console to open up the character creation screen whenever you want to. Select the presets tab in the top right and press F9 to open up the menu for your currently installed presets. If your results aren't the same as my screenshots you can use the sculpt tab and import the head meshes to make them look the same.

Race - Breton

Skin - Fair Skin Complexion

Eyes - Eyes of Beauty/Fair Skin Complexion

(The eye textures that come with Fair Skin Complexion also look good on her)

(I have my own custom version that I've blended in photoshop with BI Phenotypes by BetterBecause)

Race - Redguard

Skin - Women of Skyrim

Eyes - Eyes of Beauty

(I've added muscles into the normal maps using the 'Fitness and Muscle Utility Mod')

Race - Nord

Skin - Bijin 

Eyes - Eyes of Beauty

(In order to get these textures working for your character you will have to manually extract them from the data folder in any of the Bijin mods depending on which textures you want)

Race - Orc

Skin - Women of Skyrim

Eyes - Eyes of Beauty

(I've added muscles into the normal maps using the 'Fitness and Muscle Utility Mod')

Race - Succubus/Nord

Skin - S A M A N T H A

Eyes - Honey Eyes/True Eyes

(I Customised the blue eyes from Honey Eyes to have a black demon look)

(You can just use her with the nord race if you import the her head through the sculpt feature in RaceMenu)

(In order to get your characters skin looking like the blue in the screenshots, you will need to take them into Photoshop and desaturate them by about 80%)

Desaturating in Photoshop

First off you'll need this plugin for photo shop to be able to save your files as a DDS (otherwise your new textures won't work)

First off, you'll only need to desaturate the colours of the Diffuse maps, those are:, and

Load them up in Photoshop separately, Ideally you want to save them as PSDs first so you can open them again later if you want to change them again.

Select the background layer and then click: Image, Adjustments and then Vibrance.

I would recommend changing the saturation to about -80% or -90%.

Save the file as a DDS and then select a format to save (I tend to use ' DXT1 ARGB 4 bpp | 1 bit alpha ', as it compresses the textures quite nicely without affecting quality to noticeably)

After you have saved those three files, folder and archive them and then install to your manager.

Make sure you have the correct data directory: Textures\actors\Character\female

Race - Ohmes Raht

Skin - Eukas Textures

(The mod is called 'Ohmes-Raht Race v1.1' and I got the textures from the 'Euka Follower', including the eyes)

-Credits & ENB used-

Credit to Stealthic Khaos, Kalilies, Shockero and everyone else involved with creating KS Hairdos. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing it with the community!

Credit to Eiries & HoneyVanity for creating the Ohmes Raht Race

Credit to saxo74 for the Succubus Mod

Credit to Hvergelmir for Brows

Credit to LogRaam for Eyes of Beauty

Credit to tetrodoxin for creating Snapdragon Prime ENB

Credit to expired6978 for creating the RaceMenu mod.


You are free to re upload your own versions of my presets as long as they have been changed in some way, just give credit in the description if you do and preferably send me a message before hand.