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Increases vanilla bandit numbers. Useful for anyone who wants to make the game a bit harder or play with followers without changing the vanilla "feel" of bandits.
Now has sandboxing behaviour for all extra bandits.

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Welcome to More Vanilla Bandits.

This mod increases the number of bandits in the game. It doesn't add new bandit types, and only adds new ones in locations where bandits already exist. All bandits created by this mod are given some basic sandbox AI so they integrate with the environment for better immersion. It should not interfere with quests or set piece gameplay elements such as ambushes.

I created it because having playing with OBIS (which is a great mod) I found I was getting a good portion of my wealth and items from looting its bandits and also I prefer the bandits have the vanilla feel of disorganised outlaws whereas OBIS bandits felt too much like bands of mercenaries.

It should be compatible with everything since it doesn't edit any game assets and works completely dynamically by creating new bandits based on ones already placed in the game world. It does not use so-called "cloak" abilities and doesn't attach any scripts to actors so will not cause side effects such as the well know brawl bug. I have focussed on making the mod as compatible stable and unobtrusive as possible and using the minimum of system resources.

Requires SkyUI v4.1 or later, PapyrusUtil and Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLC. Was developed and play tested with SKSE 1.7.1 Skyrim but might work with earlier builds.

Interaction with other bandit mods
MVB creates bandits from the vanilla level lists so if another mods adds new entries (i.e. new variants of vanilla bandits) these will get used by the mod, entirely new bandit types or unique new bandit NPCs will not. New spawns of vanilla bandits added by other mods will get treated the same as those in the base game.

Heres a list of mods that have been tested and are recommended as companion mods for this one to add more variety to vanilla bandits:

Lore worthy bandits

Extra bandits
Deadly wenches

I recommend using Mod Organiser to install, but any installer which places the archive contents in the skyrim data directory should work, you can also manually install of course by unzipping the archive here.

Should work anywhere in the load order.

Er ... just run around and fight bandits :-)

Advanced Instructions
If you suspect its interfering with something in the game like a quest or something (which is highly unlikely TBH) you can turn the mod off by setting the multiplier in SkyUI config to 0 or if your more paranoid then you can shut down the mod completely using setstage mvbtimerquest 40 in the skyrim console (and reenable it later with setstage mvbtimerquest 10). MBV starts to process any bandits in the loaded area so to play a scene without any new bandits you will need to load a saved game from before you entered the cell or loaded area concerned for the first time and disable it there.

setstage mvbtimerquest 40 in the skyrim console as above, wait 30 seconds or so after closing console then save game and remove the mod files. Any bandits already created by the mod will remain in the game though.
Note that reinstalling may cause instability unless you use a save game cleaner to remove orphaned scripts that start with MVB in the name first so if in any doubt as to whether your going to use it again I recommend shutting it down and leaving the mod files in place (its only 6k odd afterall)