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Slap friends or foes in a close range

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Your followers block doors? Nazeem is annoying you again? Don't want to cheat your way through or fight/shout?
Then this is the mod for you! Get past your followers immersively, by slapping them!

This mod adds a spell that puts the target NPC into ragdoll mode, allowing you to walk right through them.
It base costs are 1 Mana, and 25 Stamina on a successful hit.

Take a look at the Video-Tab to see the Plugin in action

Learning the Spell:
Go to Solitude and meet Alex, he'll slap you and then teach you how to slap back :)

- In the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) you can adjust the Slap-Force and Stamina consumption and, if you're too lazy to go to Solitude, you can just add the Spell there.
- You can optionally disable the race ignore list there (If you think slapping a dragon is realistic, or plain fun) and allow Slap in combat.
- Set the Hotkey to perform a quick-slap. Not every NPC can be slapped this way, and not all weapons will be reequipped, idk why - just use the spell normal. This will play a AI scene on the player, doing it another way didn't play effects.
- NPCs react by starting a fight or brawl on slap, please note: Brawls in Skyrim are messed up! I recommend using the Brawl Bugs Patch if you decide to use brawls. Also note that brawls do not finish correctly (A spectator might keep following you).
- Reaction may be triggered by a fix percentage or based on some actor values.
- If they do not react you can set them to wilhelm scream and/or run away (up to 3 NPCs can run away at a time)
- STATS! because everyone loves stats, right?

About animations:
I can't do it unless someone can show me how to create a custom Spell Delivery type or another way to play the animation correctly.
Also someone would have to make the animations - I'm not a good animator, nor do I know how to make the required hkx animations.

has a new MCM page containing the stats. To get them to display the script instance for MCM needs to be reset.
Open then console and type those two commands in order:
StopQuest dmmSlapMCM
StartQuest dmmSlapMCM
V5 adds one or two new scripts that REQUIRES you to install this version on a clean save (new game, cleaned with SaveTool, ...)

- I'm pretty much done. As I am unable to add custom animations, I'll try to fix bugs and maybe implement more suggestion (not animation related).

For Modders:
You you do not want a certain Race to be slap-able you can add the Race to a immunity FormList like this: (creates optional dependency)
FormList SlapImmuneRaces = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x00003370, "Slap.esp") as FormList
If SlapImmuneRaces && !SlapImmuneRaces.HasForm(YourRace as Race)
SlapImmuneRaces.AddForm(YourRace as Race)
If you manage to attach keywords you may also use the keyword 0x??0022F9 to make single NPCs slap resistant. Keywords are never ignored.

You can listen to slaps in version 5 using ModEvents like this:
RegisterForModEvent("dmmSlapEvent", "mySlapListener") ; ModEvents need to be hooked every game load
Event mySlapListener(Form akTarget, Form akCaster, int aiPushForce, bool abFightBack, bool abRunning, bool abScreaming)
    ; Do cool stuff here

For Version 1:
In order to obtain this spell you currently have to use your console (I don't think you should learn slapping from a book)
Type the following into the console:
help slap 4 and search for SPEL: (XX0012C8) 'Slap'
If you can't find it, XX is the load order position (you can also get this using NMM).
Now type player.addspell XX0012C8 into the console and you should be ready to go.
In case if does not immediately work try equipping something else (like a two-hander) and then the spell again.

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