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Adds followers from RolePlayTES.reddit.com

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This mod adds the various characters from the stories in /r/RolePlayTES, a subreddit in reddit.com dedicated to writing stories in the TES universe. For now, it only has Badaxius Septim, the over-patriotic Imperial soldier. It's pretty simple, so it has vanilla voices (for now) and no custom AI or things like that. But, if you just want those characters in your playthrough, then this mod's for you!


Badaxius Septim

A follower you can find in Castle Dour, but only if you're in the Legion. He's a patriotic Imperial, maybe a little too much, so don't even try to ask him to go against the Imperial Law. He is a good tank, and will fight more defensively than offensively.

The Fur Trader

This mysterious Khajit, whose story you can read in a book in Dawnguard, through a series of events has gone to Druadach Redoubt with the Forsworn. You'll find him there, and he'll give you the help of his daggers, both bound and physical, if you have helped the Forsworn in a certain vanilla quest, but only if you haven't talked with...


Another Khajit, the opposite of the Fur Trader. This mercenary has been hired by unknown people in Elsweyr to hunt down the Fur Trader. He'll help you for a fee, but if you have already met the Fur Trader, he'll by then have discovered his location and begun hunting him again. If you haven't, though, you'll find him thinking on what to do next at Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath.


-Install Fuz Ro Doh - Silent Voice (Unless you can read very very fast)
-Install Immersive Armors (Only if you're not using the no dlc version)
-Extract to Skyrim/Data


Should be safe to do mid-game if you dismiss all of this mod's followers, but you never know. Remove RoleplayTES.esp and RoleplayTES.bsa from the Data folder.


Shouldn't have any, and it's cleaned with TES5Edit. Even if it adds an npc in Dead Man's Drink, it should be compatible with Moonpath to Elsweyr.

Known bugs

Clipping issues with the Fur Trader and Keirgo. The first one is with the cape (also happens in his stories' screenshots), the second one is a vanilla issue with Khajit and hoods. Will fix when I find a way to do it

Not really a bug, but general incosistency with the stories. For gameplay reasons, I had to redo some things (Badaxius already being a knight while the Fur Trader is in prison, for example, or, you know, half of Skyrim not being dead like in the stories)


Immersive armors - Hothrooper44
 Dwarven Mage Armor - Rahman530
 Imperial Knight Armor - Gechbal
Frostfall (cape assets) - Chesko, Lorelai(assets)
The various authors at /r/RoleplayTES:
 -Gastromancer for The Fur Trader
 -KonigPanther for Keirgo
 -Sertroll(me) for Journal of the glory of Badaxius Septim