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Nord Female at Level 252 saved game file

Permissions and credits
1. Main Quest Complete---Level 252 and all skills 100%
    A. Paarthumax Lives
    B. Rebuilding Blades NOT Started
2. Dawnguard Main Quest Complete---Dawnguard Side
3. Dragonborn Main Quest Complete
4. Dark Brotherhood Destroyed ...yes, DESTROYED.
5. Companions Main Quest Complete---Beast Blood Cured
6. College of Winterhold Main Quest Complete
7. Thieves Guild Main Quest Complete
8. 99% Steam Achievements Done---Solstheim Explorer Needs Done
9. Thane of most holds: EXCEPT Eastmarch and The Reach
10. Most Shouts Completed---A Few on Solstheim Needed
11. NOT Married and NO Kids
12. All Items in Breezehome---Check all BREEZEHOME storage containers
13. Heljarchen Hall (Eola is Steward), Lakeview Manor (No Steward) and Windstad Manor (No Steward) SMALL houses built
14. May have some MINOR content missing warnings (No SCRIPTED Mods Issues)
15. Civil War is still going (No Side Chosen)
16. Most Daedric Quest Items (Mace of Molag Bal NOT STARTED)
17. HAVE NOT been in Markarth Main Gate

FINAL NOTES: There is still PLENTY to do...all UNOFFICIAL patches used...Ancient Assassin Armor...(umm Don't Ask)...and many hours invested.